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Denuvo in Just Cause 4 was hacked in 24 hours

Since the official release of Just Cause 4, it has only been a day, and hackers from the CPY group, who specialize in hacking Denuvo protection in games, have already reported about another success. Protection in Just Cause 4 fell, whereas the breaking of the previous third part took about a year.

However, lovers of freebies should think about whether to waste time downloading the game. The fact is that at least the PC version has a number of technical problems and lags behind graphically even the third part. Because of this, on Steam, the game has mostly negative reviews. There are also complaints about crooked control.

At the same time, the game received an average score of 75, from 19 critics. Journalists noted the absence of their own faces and orientation to the sandbox and destructive chaos in the game.

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