Apple has the only case for the iPhone X R

UPDATE: Updated Russian Online Apple Store. Now the case for iPhone X R can be bought from us. For 3 490 rub .

True, you will have to wait seven to ten days.

Apple for a long time delayed the launch of cases for the iPhone the X the R . Finally, the company thought better of it and added to the section of accessories for the iPhone X R theonly model.

As we thought – a transparent case. Made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate . That is quite flexible and durable.

The color case of the smartphone Apple decided not to hide.

With this case, the smartphone is easier to hold in your hands, and it absolutely does not interfere with wireless charging.

In the US, it costs $ 39. In the Russian Online Apple Store case is not yet available. If you stick to Apple’s pricing policy in Russia, then $ 39 for us will turn into 3,490 rubles.

Most likely, that is exactly what the iPhone X R case will cost . Apple ]

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