Yandex.Drive will launch a daily car rental at a price of 2,900 rubles 

More expensive than “Delimobil”, but with high mileage.

The car sharing service Yandex.Drive will launch the “Clock” tariff, which allows you to select a combination of car hours and kilometers along the way, the company’s press service told .

At the start of the tariff will be available four options. According to Yandex, the daily rent of a car will cost from 2,900 rubles (including 150 kilometers), whereas rent for 12 hours starts from 2,100 rubles (including 100 kilometers). The company did not rule out that in the future it will submit other proposals.

  • 3 hours and 45 kilometers;
  • 6 hours and 70 kilometers;
  • 12 hours and 100 kilometers;
  • 24 hours and 150 kilometers.

If the time runs out and the kilometers do not, then they will not burn, and the client will not have to pay the extra distance. The same tariff works the other way around – if kilometers run out, but not time.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The price for the tariff is calculated dynamically, as is the price per minute in the drive. The rental price will not increase dramatically if the limit is exceeded: it takes into account the class of the car and is calculated using a special factor so that the user is not afraid to overuse the prepaid volume.[/perfectpullquote]
press service “Yandex”

While the new tariff has not appeared in the application “Yandex.Drayva”, but in the service they promised that it will be added soon.

In addition to Yandex.Drive, Delimobil offers daily car rental services. On prepayment, 1999 or 2499 rubles are written off from the client before use – depending on the tariff. The mileage of the “Delimobil” car with such a fare is 70 kilometers, while at a greater distance, 8 rubles per kilometer are taken.

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