Tom Cruise told how to watch movies on TV

Tom Cruise and the director of the thriller Mission Impossible: Consequences Christopher McQuarrie recorded a short video in which they urged users to turn off motion smoothing in the settings of their TV, which is also the effect of the soap opera.

The option is needed for a clearer picture in dynamic scenes: as a rule, these are sports broadcasts (if it is not about chess) and militants like the same “Mission Impossible”. But Cruz and McQuarrie consider the technology, which should improve the quality of the image, as a result, distorts the perception of the picture: the film looks like a high-speed video with unnaturally clear objects.

Filmmakers are concerned that the film is perceived by the viewer as “somehow wrong.” Fortunately, the “soap opera” can be turned off, and the authors of the video urge to do so. McQuarrie stated that it was then that the film would appear the way the creators conceived it.

Currently, Cruz and McQuarrie are working on a new part of the action movie “Best Shooter”, the premiere is expected in the summer of 2020.

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