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“There is no shortage of content sites for adults on the Internet”: Tumblr will start blocking all content with a rating of 18+ 

In social networks sure that this will lead to the death of the platform.

  • On December 17, the Tumblr microblogging service will ban adult content published by users. The platform revised the rules after its application was deleted from the App Store in November due to child pornography;
  • Images, videos and gifs with human genitals, sexual acts or female nipples will be banned. The exceptions will be artistic or educational images, but not in the case when they “can be confused with real” erotic pictures;
  • “There is no shortage of adult content sites on the Internet. We will leave it to them, while we ourselves will focus on creating the most favorable environment for our community. ”- explained the general director of Tumblr;
  • Tumblr moderators will start searching for prohibited content using algorithms and close it from all users. The authors, in case of a warning, will be able to challenge it. Prior to this, blogs with erotic content received a mark of 18+ and were not displayed in the search – this rule also remains.

Tumblr has been launched since 2007 and has since gained a reputation as one of the few platforms where adult content is allowed. After selling Yahoo in 2013 for $ 1.1 billion, journalists wondered how the new owners would regulate photos and videos depicting sex and genitalia.According to a study by The Pew Research Center, only 14% of American teens in 2018 use this platform.. In the industry, it is believed that the social network has largely lost its popularity.

After the news that Tumblr would refuse erotic content on Twitter suggested that after that there would be almost no content left on the platform.

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