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The video with the “epic battle” on the middle fingers spread on Twitter. It turned out to be a play.

Many people believed in a viral video with a tense conflict in New York.

On December 4th, following the introduction of @apiecebyguy on Twitter, a video from New York spread on which two guys clash. Despite the tension between them, they did not begin to fight. Instead, they “expressed” disagreement with the middle fingers.

“The most intense fight I’ve ever seen”

In social networks, they made an analogy with the final battle in “Harry Potter”, and someone noted how lucky the author of the video was to capture the battle.

“It looks absolutely like the battle for Hogwarts in Harry Potter, just without the magical blue fireballs”

“My husband and I will borrow this technique. The most peaceful but meaningful fighting style I’ve ever seen. ”

A day later, a Twitter account owner and creative director of Jerry Media agency Guy Blelock, told the Daily Beast that he had shot a viral video on the middle fingers with the participation of friends. His agency has grown from an accountwith memes on Instagram.

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