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The US Secret Service began testing face detection around the White House.

The goal of the program is to identify “subjects of interest” (including potential threats).

Cheriss May / NurPhoto, Getty Images

The US Secret Service began testing face recognition technology in and around the White House, including nearby parks and streets. With its help, they want to check the possibility of biometric confirmation of the identity of the Secret Service volunteers.

The pilot program will save images only if there is a match, and will not share information with other agencies. The goal of the program is to identify known “subjects of interest” (including potential threats) before their interaction with law enforcement authorities begins. Tests will be conducted until August 30, after which the Secret Service will delete any data on persons collected during the entire period.

The Secret Service did not indicate whether the initiative would be further developed. BuzzFeed News noted that the US Congress did not endorse the use of face recognition technology on US citizens.


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