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The new AMD graphics card for $ 249 should bypass the power of NVIDIA GTX 1080

On the Internet there were details about the new generation of AMD graphics cards, which are required to submit at the beginning of next year at CES. First, the family will consist of three models.

The most powerful of them is the Radeon RX 3080. The video memory will be 8 GB (GDDR6), the chip will be made on the 7 nm technical process. Power consumption – 150 watts. The video card should relate to the middle segment, and the price will be $ 250. It is indicated that the RX 3080 is about 10-15% more productive than the RX Vega 64 and NVIDIA GTX 1080.

A step below will accommodate the Radeon RX 3070 for $ 199. She will also have 8 GB of video memory (GDDR6). Its power at 120 W power consumption will be comparable to the RX Vega 56 and NVIDIA GTX 1070. The video card will clash with the not yet released GTX 2060.

Closes the top three Radeon RX 3060: 4 GB of video memory standard GDDR6, the performance level of the GTX 1060. Power consumption is low (75 W), the card does not even need additional power. Estimate it at $ 129.

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