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Scientists have developed a “cyber-language” to search for lactose and toxins

Australian scientists have developed a new version of the “Cyber-language” (Cybertongue), which is capable in almost real-time search for various allergens and toxins in food. The device uses, as they are called by researchers from CSIRO, “biological sensors”. With their help, “language” has already learned to find lactose in milk and to determine whether the product is not spoiled.

System developers stress that existing methods for analyzing lactose products are expensive and take up to a week. “Cyber-language”, by contrast, can significantly speed up the process: “The analysis is carried out almost in real time, ” said former CSIRO researcher Stephen Troell

Cyber-language can be equipped with sensors to identify other substances, including enzymes, toxins and allergens. “It would be possible to diagnose sepsis, for example, in a couple of minutes, and not in a few hours, as with current methods,” the scientists explained.

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