Samsung showed 5G-smartphone with a “mono-brow” on the side

Snapdragon Technology Summit started in Hawaii, the participants of which were supposed to demonstrate the work of 5G-infrastructure and devices with its support. However, journalists were not allowed to test equipment – they didn’t let Samsung touch the hotspots of AT & T and Verizon operators. The situation was similar with the VR-helmet, which, as implied, should work through a 5G network.

The exhibition organizers explained the situation by the lack of time to configure the network, as well as the difficulties in operating the available communication range. For this reason, the maximum data transfer rate in the local 5G network reached a figure of 130-140 Mbit / s, which is far from the expected.

However, the interest was attracted by that very smartphone of the Korean company: in its design an arrangement of elements unusual by today’s standards was used – the visor is located on the right in the upper corner. What caused this decision is unknown.

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