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Princess of Dubai disappeared after trying to escape from the country. She planned to escape for more than seven years. 

New details about the fate of the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed from the BBC documentary.

Latifa bin Mohammed Al Maktoum shot from the video she recorded shortly before she disappeared

Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum – Vice President of the United Arab Emirates since 2006. The state of the 69-year-old ruler is estimated at $ 5.1 billion, he also actually owns the highest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa. In addition, it was under his leadership that the largest enterprises of the United Arab Emirates were founded – Emirates airline and DP World conglomerate.

However, in the life of Mohammed Maktoum there are events of which almost nothing is known. One of them is the escape of his daughter Latifah from Dubai, which occurred in March 2018. After that, there was no news about the heiress, and human rights activists demanded to save her from prison. On December 4, adocumentary was released on BBC 2 , partly revealing the fate of a woman.

Latifa bin Mohammed Al Maktoum is the Emir of Dubai’s 33-year-old daughter, whose name is the same as her two sisters, the youngest and oldest. On the Internet there are almost no photos of the princess next to her father or at public events. However, the world community found out about it in early 2018, when Western agencies reported on an attempt to escape Latif from the United Arab Emirates on a yacht across the Indian Ocean.

A video appeared on YouTube, where the heiress said that she had been locked up since childhood, how cruelly and disrespectfully in the UAE they treat women and why she and her sisters tried to escape several times. According to Latifa, for the first time she made an attempt to escape at the age of 16, after which she went to prison for three years, where she was starved and beaten.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Soon I’m going to run away, and I’m not sure of the 99% success rate. If it doesn’t work out, the video can help me, because all that worries a father is his reputation.[/perfectpullquote] [perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]If you watch this video, then I’m either dead or in a very, very bad position.[/perfectpullquote]
Latifa bin Mohammed Al Maktoum
princess of dubai

Dubai officials did not comment on the new attempt to escape Latifah. They also did not comment on information from Arab sources that one of the princess’s sisters also fled the country in 2000 to England, but was forcibly returned by the ruler’s staff. In her video, Latifa added that her sister lives in a “prison hospital” where nurses are watching her.

According to BBC sources, the UAE’s law enforcement agencies began searching for a Finnish woman and a man of French descent who allegedly helped Latif plan their escape. Princess Dubai worked out a plan for more than seven years, but she was detained on the way to India.

Latifa and her capoeira instructor photo from BBC 2 investigation

BBC journalists and acquaintances Latifs restored the approximate chronology of Latifs escape:

    • In 2011, Latif contacted a French spy who managed to escape from the United Arab Emirates, finding himself on the wanted list of the local police. He fled from the country by sea and hid in India. “You tell me that you are the daughter of the ruler of Dubai — it could be a trap, and I need to check how true it is,” he replied to her first letter;
    • “I am abused and oppressed throughout my life. Women are treated as non-people here, ”said Latifah in one of the letters;
    • The Frenchman and the Princess corresponded until 2018 and never met. In parallel, Latifa became friends with a female instructor for capoeira from Finland: together they practiced martial arts and jumped with a parachute;
    • On February 24, Latifa, together with his instructor, left Oman in capoeira across the sea in an inflatable boat and jet ski. On a yacht in international waters, they were picked up by a French spy who planned to go with them to Goa;
    • On the way to India, Latifah tried to contact activists and journalists, but no one answered her. “It seemed that no one believed her and was not going to answer – it looked desperate and sad,” said the French spy. On March 3, she was able to transmit some of the information to a correspondent from India;
    • March 4, 80 kilometers from India, the boat was attacked by the Indian coast guard and Arab intelligence services. They took Latif, the instructor and the spy back to Dubai;
    • According to sources, they were held in prison for about two weeks and forced to write down appeals justifying the actions of the ruler of the United Arab Emirates. The heiress herself, presumably, still lives under guard;

Dubai officials did not comment on the new a the reputation of Dubai and Sheikh Mohammed,” the source in the UAE commented the allegations. He added that “Latifa is with her family and she is fine”;

  • Neither the capoeira instructor nor the French spy spoke to the press. The journalists found out that they had been released from Dubai with the condition that they would not tell about what had happened in public. However, their relatives partially told the story and confirmed that both Latifa’s helpers were tortured and threatened to “find even in Finland”.


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