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New Unreal Tournament froze

In 2014, the development of a new Unreal Tournament was announced, an unofficial “playable” version of the game even appeared on the network. Earlier this year, it was reported that Epic Games had suspended work on the project, now it was confirmed in an interview with The Variety by the head of Epic Games and its founder Tim Sweeney.

The decision to freeze the development of Unreal Tournament is connected with the need to devote all forces to the development of multiplayer Fortnite. It was her popularity that affected the plans of the studio. A new UT, in the earlier version of which can be played, has not yet been declared “officially dead”, but the last time the project received an update was in summer 2017.

Unreal Tournament was developed as a sequel to Unreal Tournament 3, released in 2007. The Unreal Engine 4 was used as the game engine.

About the fate of the Unreal Tournament Tim Sweeney told, telling about the upcoming launch of a competitor Steam. The platform will provide developers and publishers with more interesting conditions and will qualify for 12% of revenue, rather than 30%, like Steam.

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