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In Japan, ended the era of pagers. The last company served 1500 people 

No demand and customers.

Telecommunications company Tokyo Telemessage announced that it will stop servicing individual pagers in September 2019. This is the last operator in the country that provides this service.

Tokyo Telemessage thanked customers for their understanding and said that she would offer lines of communication to local authorities for warnings in case of a disaster.

The cause is the decline in the customer base. In 1996, 1.2 million people used the Tokyo Telemessage pagers. The total number of contracts in the country was 10 million. With the proliferation of mobile phones, the number of pager users has declined. By December 2018, the company had only 1.5 thousand subscribers. By this time, new pagers have not been released for 20 years.

Production of pagers began in 1950-1960, they gained popularity in the 1980s. The device transmitted combinations of letters and numbers, and also did not suggest feedback. Most often, users sent the phone number to which they asked to call. Many also used various digital message recording codes, which meant, for example, “late” or “good night”. As noted by the BBC, the pagers are still used by emergency services in some countries.

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