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Fotozhaby: Bulgarian strongman raises “a huge potato” 

It’s actually a gem, but Reddit users are not easy to convince.

Bulgarian Dimitar Savatinov (Dimitar Savatinov), born in Russia – one of the strongest people in the world. He won prizes in many tournaments in power extreme, and in 2014 he won the title of America’s Strongest Man. A year later, Savatinov took fourth place in the prestigious Arnold Strongman Classic tournament.

In March 2018, the Bulgarian tried again to win the Schwarzenegger title. There also participated Haftor Bjorsson, known for the role of the Mountain in the series “Game of Thrones”. They got to the tournament where they introduced a new test – the strongmen needed to lift and fix a stone weighing 186 kilograms on their shoulder. Dimitar spoke first: for almost two minutes he tried to cope with the task, but eventually refused to continue.

At the end of the tournament won Bjornsson, and 38-year-old Savatinov took ninth out of ten.

In December, Reddit users noticed the competition photos. In the Be Amazed section they published a snapshot of a Bulgarian with a caption: “Dimitar Savatinov picks up the biggest potato in the world.” In the comments, users joked that at this moment the strong man himself rather looks like a potato.

A day later, the picture was sold to fotozhaby. Reddit users beat numerous jokes about potatoes, made an athlete an accordionist, and handed him a SpaceX rocket.

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