SpaceX for the first time launched the Falcon 9 rocket flying twice in space.

Today is a busy day in the world space program: Roskosmos has already sent the Soyuz MS-11 ship to the ISS with three people on board, and at 21:30 Minsk time , another launch took place – this time from SpaceX.

The company already more or less regularly launches Falcon 9, but today’s mission stands out for several reasons.

First, the rocket will have to put 64 small satellites into orbit – this is a record number for SpaceX. And initially it was generally planned to load the rocket 71 with a satellite, but some customers did not have time to prepare their vehicles in the allotted time.

Secondly, SpaceX has never used a second-round rocket to launch twice. For the Falcon 9 chosen for today’s mission, the flight into space became the third. The very first stage of the rocket, which then returns to the platform, is designed for dozens of launches.

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