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Microsoft will release a light version of Windows 10

Microsoft may release a simplified version of the Windows 10 operating system. It will be a continuation of the idea of ​​Windows 10 S – a special mode in which the OS loses some of its capabilities while ensuring optimal system performance and protection.

Now this version of the operating system is informally called Windows 10 Lite.

It was expected that the Windows 10 S mode will allow Microsoft to win back a piece of cake from ChromeOS, the corporation made attempts to get to the ARM system, however these ideas were called not very viable.

Windows 10 Lite will be noticeably different from the usual Windows 10, since it will not be based on a standard operating system with virtual locks, but the so-called Windows Core OS (WCOS).

As noted by SlashGear, ordinary users should not even think about the appearance of the light version of Windows 10 – first of all it will be aimed at the corporate sector and business customers.

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