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DICE was not able to release the first big update for Battlefield V in time.

This year will go down in history on the failures of the pillars of the gaming industry. Blizzard and Bethesda have already shown how delicately to lose face and strutting the image, built up over decades. Well, from DICE and EA Fail was expected: Battlefield 5 sold at the cost of a full-fledged game, but with significantly reduced content. Now they still cannot release the promised free update on time.

The update was to be released on December 4th, the final head of the single-player campaign, the ninth multiplayer map about tank battles, should have been included.

On Twitter, the official game account reports that the team found a problem with updating Overture and decided to postpone the release so as not to multiply the problems in the game. The developers have promised to share the news as soon as they have something to tell.

Many fans of the game expressed their disappointment with the studio, which does not know how to work on the service model and falls face down: since Battlefield V was released on November 20, the game has not received a single full patch, although there are enough problems.

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