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Blizzard presented a remake of Warcraft III and Diablo for mobile phones

Blizzard decided to step on the slippery slope of transferring popular computer franchises to mobile phones. For this, in the summer of otbrebla Electronic Arts, announced the Command & Conquer: Rivals. And tonight at BlizzCon was announced the mobile Diablo Immortal, which is done in conjunction with the Chinese from NetEase. Read about this and other Blizzard announcements below.

Mobile game events will develop in the period between the second and third parts. You can play it both on iOS devices and on Android. Players will be available six classes: the Crusader, a monk, a magician, a barbarian, a demon hunter and a necromancer. They are waiting for a study of locations, fighting with the bosses in multiplayer with other players.

Naturally, the drama unfolded around the announcement: Diablo fans felt as if they had been betrayed. The preview video of the game at this point has collected 5.3 thousand likes and 154 thousand dislikes on YouTube. You can understand those and others: Blizzard wants to enter the highly profitable mobile gaming market with its powerful franchise, players want Diablo 4. Everyone has concerns about the final product. The Chinese from NetEase are known for their frituplenymi crafts in not the best sense of the word.

For example, one of the fans even asked the developers if this was an April Fool’s joke. To which they stated that this is a full-fledged gaming experience in Diablo for mobile gamers.

Fans of the Warcraft universe, or rather, its legendary RTS incarnation, from which WoW began, were a little more lucky. Blizzard announced a remake of Warcraft III with the subtitle Reforged. It will be released next year and will include the addition of The Frozen Throne.

In the game, the character models, their animations will be completely reworked, the cinematic clips will be pulled up to the modern level, changes will be made to the interface and the balance of the game. Blizzard will charge 1,299 Russian rubles (or about $ 20) for the standard edition of the players in our region.

With regards to the World of Warcraft Classic, it was announced that the vanilla online RPG server will be launched in the summer of 2019. Anyone who has a regular WoW subscription can play on it.

It was announced a new addon for CCI Hearthstone – Rastakhan’s Rumble.

In addition, a new 29th hero for Overwatch was shown on BlizzCon – Elizabeth Caledonia Ash, who is McCree’s former partner.

Also in Heroes of the Storm will appear its first original hero – Orpheus, the heir to the Crow Court.

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