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Authoritative resource accidentally declassified information about the flagship Snapdragon chip

The publication TechCrunch ahead of time published the announcement of a new processor from Qualcomm, which will appear in many of the flagships of next year. The news was promptly deleted, but the information has already been distributed over the network.

Apparently, the chip will maintain continuity in the name and get the name Snapdragon 855, although earlier it appeared as Snapdragon 8155. It is indicated that the processor will be the first mobile solution with support for multi-gigabit 5G.

The chip is made on 7-nm process technology and will be three times faster to process the calculations associated with neural networks. Snapdragon 855 will still consist of eight cores, but now they are divided into three clusters: four cores operate at 1.78 GHz and are responsible for routine operations, three cores operate at 2.42 GHz and are intended for resource-intensive applications, and One core is needed when the others do not cope: its frequency is already 2.84 GHz.

Snapdragon 855 is sharpened for games (there was even a certain technology Snapdragon Elite Gaming, but no details yet) and augmented reality. Thanks to the built-in display sensor, prints will now be recognized, even if there is a protective film on the smartphone screen.

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