A photographer caught Samsung in frauds advertising portrait mode

It is not the first time that smartphone makers are caught in dishonest advertising of their devices, and here it is again: Samsung used a picture to demonstrate portrait mode, which, firstly, took photoshoots heavily, and secondly, it was taken on a DSLR camera and not on a smartphone .

Deception revealed the author of the picture. She made an autumn photo and put it on EyeEm – one of the photo banks. After a couple of weeks, the girl received a letter in which it was reported that someone had bought her picture. The photographer began to look for a buyer and found her work on the Samsung Galaxy A8 Star page .

Photo from Samsung
Original photo

The image was used to demonstrate the bokeh effect: the user can choose the degree of background blur. The picture was heavily processed in the photo editor, and the girl noticed that Samsung could have hired a specialist better. But it is much more important that the photo was taken on a DSLR camera and absolutely does not reflect the real quality of the Samsung Galaxy A8 Star.

At the time of publication of the note, the snapshot is still available on the official page of the smartphone.

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