The new generation of AirPods headphones will have to wait until 2020

Analyst Min-Chi Kuo is sure that even next year Apple will not release the second generation of AirPods wireless headphones. However, according to a specialist, the company has big plans for the development of this model due to the steadily growing demand for the device.

In the first quarter of next year, a case for the current AirPods with support for wireless charging should appear on sale. Such a case Apple showed more than a year ago, at the premiere of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Then the cover was charged from the AirPower pillow, but since then nothing has been heard of it.

Annual sales of AirPods now amount to about 26-28 million copies, and by 2021 it will exceed one hundred million. This will make the headphones the most popular accessory to Apple.

The analyst did not share information about the future generation of AirPods, however, according to previous rumors, the device will receive protection from moisture and better sound.

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