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The clothing rental site offered to rent children for cryptocurrency. SK and Ministry of Internal Affairs began to check 

Photos of children with price tags and delivery were noticed by VKontakte users.

Screenshot of the site with the rental of children

At the end of November, VKontakte users turned their attention to a children’s clothing rental website, where price tags for renting underage boys and girls were put up. In spite of the fact that they did not speak directly about the services for buying children, the details on the store’s website indicated this.

  • The site was called CPidzhak: two letters – CP is an abbreviation popularly used on the Internet for child pornography (child porn);
  • Although the children in the photos can be both in clothes and without it, the price tags from this have not changed – the average price is 30-40 thousand rubles, the maximum – 120 thousand rubles. The signatures under the pictures were about the same, for example: “Photo model Vanya (6 years), 1 hour”;
  • Goods in sections are sorted not by type of clothing, but by photos of children and their names. In terms of purchase, there were formulations that were usually not typical for clothing stores: the sets offered “to be used in a comfortable room”, while the delivery was done “around the clock”;
  • They offered to pay for rent only in cryptocurrency, and delivery was carried out only in Moscow and the region. Users found two customer reviews with phrases like “much nicer than any CPU”, “it’s worth trying once and it’s like heroin” and “a true connoisseur of the goods offered in the store”;
  • At the time of this writing, the site is unavailable – instead of the catalog, a photograph of Chikatilo is displayed with the caption “I ate them all.”

Probably, the site was closed after December 3 about it wrote editions and the TV channel ” 360 “. Also after the media attention to the resource law enforcement agencies noticed. First, the Moscow Interior Ministry announced the beginning of the test, then a representative of the Investigative Committee told about similar measures .

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