Robots sent to work on the Russian lunar base

The robots will perform most of the work at the Russian lunar base, people will be required to set up the equipment and will be able to visit the satellite as needed. This was told TASS deputy chairman of the Council on Space, Lev Zeleny. According to him, the permanent human presence, when robots take on more and more functions, is simply not required.

Lev Zelenyi noted that Russia is planning to build two strategic observatories for radio astronomy, cosmic ray research and other tasks within the framework of the comprehensive program under discussion.

A man, also noted by a scientist, is dangerously long on the Moon due to radiation. “But for setting up and adjusting the equipment, the presence of a person on a rotational basis is very useful, ” noted Green.

The timing of the lunar bases, he did not specify.

According to previously announced plans , the construction of the Russian national station on the Moon’s orbit is scheduled to begin with the launch of the “base module” in 2025.

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