Putin called “unlikely” the plot of the American film “Hunter Killer”, which he did not watch 

In the film, the President of Russia is being taken hostage at the polar military base.

Shot from the film “Hunter Killer” “KinoPoisk”

At the final press conference after the G20 summit, journalists asked Vladimir Putin to share their opinions about the American militant Hunter Killer and briefly retold the story: the Russian president is being taken hostage at the polar military base, after which he is saved by the commander of the US nuclear submarine.

After listening to the retelling, Putin clarified whether the American submarine had entered the Russian base by the plot, and criticized this line.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]An unlikely scenario. Fantastic. Two small boats donated by the USA to Ukraine did not pass through the Kerch Strait, but do you want the nuclear submarine to enter our base?[/perfectpullquote]
Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation

“A bad movie,” the president concluded, and the press conference was over.

In early November, it became known that “Hunter Killer” did not receive a rental certificate from the Ministry of Culture a day before the planned premiere. They tried to explain this for political reasons, but the department assured that the distributor provided a poor-quality copy. After complying with all the formalities, the film received a rolling license, and the Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky, called the film “extremely silly”, but not violating the laws.

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