The leader of “Leningrad” promised to “listen to Valeria.”

Sergey Shnurov
Sergey Shnurov

On December 2, producer Iosif Prigogine, in an interview with the radio station, Moscow Talking, called Sergei Shnurov’s fans “suckers” and suggested fining large sums of money for checkmate in public places.

I believe that for mate in public places like HYIP you need to be fined from 10 million rubles. Not 50 thousand! I have nothing against Schnur, but when 80 thousand suckers stand and sing three letters with him …

I immediately draw attention to society, that it lacks the very thing that Cord is talking about. Who is to blame: is he promoting it or do they want it? We all think not with the head, but with the lower floor. That’s the problem.

Joseph Prigogine

Shnurov answered the producer in a poetic form in his instagram.

In order not to be the last sucker By myself, I continue to not measure people. Once in Russian, singing is bad, I will listen to Valeria now.

Sergey Shnurov

The leader of “Leningrad” has repeatedly spoken in support of obscene vocabulary, arguing that “irreconcilable fighters against the mat are fighters against the Russian language as a structure.”