Photo: Ruined Museum of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris 

Now it is closed to visitors because of the protests of the “yellow vests.”


On December 1, participants in the Yellow Vests protests broke into the museum premises of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and destroyed several exhibits. Because of this, the exhibition management closed the entrance for all visitors until the end of the rallies. This was announced by the head of the French Center for National Monuments on his twitter.

The museum president published several photographs of vandalism at the exhibition: the interior was painted with graffiti, the statue of Napoleon was broken, several paintings were broken, and drawings were left on pieces of monuments. The damage to the premises of the Arc de Triomphe was estimated at a million euros.

The media also published a video with vandals: it does not see the person, but people in the frame are wearing characteristic yellow vests, typical of the protesters.

Protests in Paris

  • Since November 17, actions are taking place throughout France against rising prices for gasoline and diesel fuel with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people. The fiercest confrontations take place in Paris: every Saturday, disgruntled citizens run into police, block roads, burn cars and smash the neighborhood;
  • The protesters called on the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron, to resign, and also said that “the people are angry,” they are “not dairy cows” and more taxes cannot be raised. French authorities have planned to raise taxes on fuel in order to stimulate development in the field of environmentally friendly fuels;
  • On November 24, police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators. Macron instructed the French Prime Minister to meet with the leaders of the yellow vests and members of parliamentary parties to reach a compromise;
  • Negotiations between the authorities and the protesters were allegedly scheduled for December 3.
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