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Photo: Inauguration of the new president of Mexico

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador became the first left president in 70 years.

The inauguration ceremony took place on the central square of Mexico City, where the representatives of the indigenous peoples of the country handed him the “sacred rod of the ruler” and fumigated with holy herbs, according to belief, drive away evil.

López Obrador speaks of ideas forgotten in Mexico since the 1960s: he wants to build more state-owned refineries and urges Mexicans “not to buy abroad, but to produce in Mexico what we consume.”

Although Lopez Obrador has left-wing views, he is often compared to Trump because of nationalist appeals, populist remarks and aggressive nature. From time to time, he demonstrates a quarrelsome relationship with Mexico’s northern neighbor and leaves no doubt that he is ready to confront Trump in order to protect the interests of his country.

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