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NVIDIA Tizerit graphics card TITAN RTX

New consumer-level NVIDIA graphics cards (the language hardly turns to call these expensive GPUs consumer) was not kicked just lazy. And for ray tracing technology, and for technical problems, and for the price. If you thought that more expensive than NVIDIA already can not release anything, then you forgot about TITAN RTX. Get ready!

In its official Twitter account, NVIDIA began to publish hints: signatures “Coming Something Big” is accompanied by photos with a dinosaur shadow and videos with shaking tea in the NVIDIA brand mug. Apparently, the time has come to announce the TITAN RTX, which will bypass its counterparts from the 20th generation of video cards in terms of performance and cost.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA shares sagging in November returned to a slight but increase. At the bottom, they cost $ 144.7, and now they are trading for $ 163.4.

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