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In New York, a guy dropped a ring into the sewer when he made an offer. The police found a pair and returned the decoration to them. 

If anything, the girl said “yes.”

Photo of New York Police
Photo of New York Police

New York police helped find a ring that a man dropped into the sewer when he made an offer to his girlfriend.

The search for the pair began on December 1st. Police published a photo of the ring, and then a couple that dropped him, and asked Twitter to help in the search for a man and a woman.

“Help us find a couple in which the proposal to marry went terribly wrong due to the fact that the wedding ring fell into the sewer”

“Here is a photo of a couple”
It turned out that the girl said “Yes”, but the too agitated guy did not hold the ring and dropped it in the drain.

“She said yes, but he was so excited that he dropped the ring down the drain.”
On the evening of December 2, the police reported that the couple had contacted themselves. Later, employees of the department handed them the decoration.

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