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How not to disappear abroad: useful applications for 20 countries

Top applications for December 2018 from emigrant bloggers.

Hello! We are a community of immigrant bloggers. Sometimes we leave our cozy blogs and write joint articles in open areas. It’s great when useful information on different countries is collected in one place and comes from people with personal experience.

Each country and even city has its own specific set of applications that will facilitate everyday life in this particular location. Here we have collected 8 of the most useful icons on your smartphone in Australia, Austria, England, Bali-Indonesia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Canada, China, New Zealand, Peru, Slovakia, Singapore, USA, Finland, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Scotland.

It will be useful for both tourists and permanent residents. In the article, we indicated only the names of the applications, so as not to be confused by the links to various mobile platforms. But you can easily find the application by name.



AUS Weather is an important weather app; in a tropical climate, it is absolutely not funny when a storm is coming. The app shows how strong the rain / thunder / storm will be and how quickly everything will pass.

Bumble is another tinder, but with interesting nuances: they all indicate where they work; only the girl can write first. That is, men with strange hints will not be disturbed (unfortunately or fortunately).

Strava – activity tracker (bike, running, swimming, etc.). According to my feelings, strava is more popular here than Nike +. I switched too. Nike +, of course, prettier, but lags in the work annoyed for a long time.

Domain Real Estate and Real Estate – two applications (and sites) for housing search. is a site for finding neighbors in your apartment or rooms in someone else’s apartment (through it I found the best neighbors in the world).

MyTransLink is a transport application for Brisbane (each state will have its own system and application), but to be honest, Google Maps is much more convenient. Google is usually pretty accurate in routes, delays, transfers.

GumTree is an application for selling used items like our Avito.

Austria Vienna


Vienna City Card – tourist information and attractions.

TripAdvisor – attractions, museums, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and other places.

WienMobil – planning the movement of public transport, buying tickets for it, bicycles.

Alpenverein – walks in nature, in the mountains, outdoor activities.

HANDY Parken – pay parking directly from the phone without searching and filling in paper tickets, and a bonus – 15 minutes of parking for free.

Parkopedia – search for parking places, parking zones, free options.

Asfinag Unterwegs – traffic information on the autobahn, parking along it and payment of toll roads.

ViennaAirport – navigation, parking and online scoreboard for flights from Vienna Schwechat Airport.

Austria, Linz


Wegfinder is a train, train and public transport route planner. A powerful tool that allows you to choose options for your trip. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it shows the schedule of all operators working on the railways of Austria.

Visit Linz – the official app of Linz. It contains many attractions and ideas on how to spend time in the city. If you are going to Linz, then this application should be installed necessarily.

Qando Linz – a mobile application with which you can pave the route using public transport. It indicates the departure time of all types of transport of the city. It is very important to install this application for yourself, because the “get directions” function does not work in Linz using public transport on Google Maps.

AST-APP – Taxis from city services at a lower price. Uber in Linz does not work, and the usual taxi in the city is expensive. This is an analogue taxi from the municipality.

McDonald’s is an important application if you eat at the restaurants of this brand. In it you can save points and exchange them for food. Also in the application there are many specials. offers on which you can, for example, buy a hamburger for 1 euro.

Wogibtswas – combines all discounts in major retail chains. This application will be useful if you live in Linz. Then you will be aware of where you can now buy wine or fruit with a 25% discount.

Hot mobile is a small application from a mobile operator. It is only needed if you decide to buy a local SIM card. Then with the help of this application you will be able to track basic expenses, pay for mobile and connect new services.

Willhaben is the local equivalent of Ebay with a million private offers to sell and buy everything in the world. With this application, you can save money well, living in Austria.



Rightmove – the main site for finding housing.

CityMapper – the main application for getting around the city by public transport. Makes combined routes and shows the cost.

Visit London and Time Out – applications from sites about major events in the city, about what to see / visit.

Tube Live – the app will help you create a route and track the metro in real time.

OpenTable – a base of restaurants, the ability to find what is nearby and book a place.

Trainline UK – routes by train, with details: time, how much and what kind of transfer and cost. With the possibility of ordering tickets that are collected at the station of departure.

National Trust – more than 500 cultural and natural sites in Britain belong to the National Trust. In the app list, brief description, search, opening times and prices.

Bali. Indonesia


Go-jek – ordering a car, bike-taxi, food delivery, parcels, cleaning, massage and a lot of everything that can come home. The only negative – drivers do not speak English in 95% of cases.

Grab – instead of Uber.

Traveloka is an aggregator of airline tickets and hotels, very popular with locals. To search for flights in Asia, it is much more convenient and efficient than the usual Skyscanner or Aviasales.

Olx is the equivalent of Avito, only in Indonesian.

Bukalapak – type amazon (which is not here) with delivery throughout Indonesia. No used goods, payment by bank transfer. And again, everything is only in Indonesian.

Aliexpress – also works fine, but you need to remember that all purchases above $ 50 are subject to additional tax.

Shazam – because many times you want to ask what kind of cool Indonesian song is.

Google Maps is better than any other map, although there are sometimes non-existent roads.



BKK – the most important application for normal movement on public transport is BKK – analogue of the Russian “Yandex.Transport”, it shows in real time where the bus is located and paves the route. Be sure to pay attention to the index (streets with the same name in different areas are not uncommon).

Taxify – a taxi in Budapest is very expensive, but sometimes (especially at dawn on Saturday) I really want to get home as soon as possible. And Uber will not help you, because Uber is not in Budapest. Download Taxify, register the card and use it for health.

Vonatinfó – for traveling outside of Budapest, Vonatinfó is suitable – an application with the schedule of electric trains and the purchase of tickets. Hungarian electric trains are not punctual, but they always leave on time from the main stations.

Oszkár – if not on the train, then it is possible on the machine analog BlaBlaCar – Oszkár. The principle is the same.

Bringamania – for lovers of cycling, the local McDonalds has created a map of bike lanes. Bringamania works offline, paves bicycle routes throughout Hungary.

Fortepan – two cool apps for fans of history and old photos of Fortepan + Fortego. You can set the year and keywords and see how the parliament looked in the days of communism.

Flixbus and Wizzair – for traveling to Hungary and from Hungary, two budget carriers: Flixbus and Wizzair. I recommend to subscribe to news and buy at a discount!

Germany. Berlin


BVG Fahrinfo is an application that allows you to build routes by land / underground transport, to see the travel time and all options for possible trips.

Berlin Subway is a separate application that routes exclusively for the metro (convenient if you need not 200 travel options, but one).

Lieferheld is an application for ordering food that is useful to you when all stores close – that is, on any Sunday.

Tinder is the main, and possibly the only socialization tool in the city.

FlixBus – if you want to get into Hamburg / Amsterdam / Paris by bus, cheap and without comfort.

Uber is the cheapest, but still very expensive taxi in Berlin.

ImmobilienScout24 – the most popular application for search and rental housing.

N26 – if you moved and you need to start a human bank, not shparkas.

Germany. Dusseldorf


Ebay Kleinanzeigen – service ads from Ebay, the analogue of the Russian “Avito”.

Nina (Notfall-Informations- und Nachrichten-App) – application for notification of incidents and disasters. Like, MOE warns. – if you want to buy or sell a vehicle, go here. – an application that shows the gas station near you and the price of fuel on them.

Xing is the German equivalent of LinkedIn, a professional social network.

Payback – you make purchases, you accumulate points, which you can spend later too.

Lieferando – an application for ordering food from cafes and restaurants.

Geocashing is an entertainment application for travelers. It is necessary to search for hidden secrets by GPS coordinates.

Germany. Koln


VRS Auskunft – KVB urban transport application, where you can build a route and buy a ticket cheaper than in the machine.

DB Navigator is an application of German railways, you can track discounts, build routes and buy a ticket in the application.

NS is the app of the Dutch railways. Cologne is adjacent to the Netherlands, so leaving for a weekend or a vacation there is the norm. You arrived through DB, but NS will help you navigate around the country with a very developed railway network.

mytaxi – instead of Uber, which is not in Cologne.

car2go – if you are your own driver and you want to rent a car.

Jodel is an anonymous hyper-local social network, it is interesting to read and write about what is happening around.

Glückskind – if you have children and you want to buy cosmetics, diapers and laundry detergent in dm with discounts.

Amazon – the best bargains in the whole world down to music, video and voice assistants. The Germans simply do not know how people live in countries without Amazon!



Yego – sharing electrics. Available not only as residents of the city. The service is provided in Madrid and Bordeaux. You can get 15 minutes of a gurney as a gift by entering the promo code 63LGU77ZDX during registration.

Cabify is an analogue of Uber, not at all like a traditional taxi. You will receive a bonus: a condo in the car, a bottle of water, a driver in a white shirt, pleasant prices, you will open the door. Coupon for the first elegant trip for 5 € – specify lusinea1 upon registration.

Bluemove – will come to the rescue when you need to rent a car for several hours. There is no headache with insurance, it is also hourly. This is convenient: you register, enter bank card data and create a tarjeta bluemove. Using the JIMGIX code, you will receive a € 30 coupon.

Fotocasa – rental housing both for holidays and long-term. True, the situation on the real estate market is such that it is difficult to figure out even with half a liter of sangria.

El tenedor – ordering tables in restaurants. There are huge discounts on good ones. So we go to dinner in the famous French brazil, in a great Indian, in a decent sushi bar and so on.

Deliveroo – delivery of food from restaurants in real time. That is, if there is no reception of visitors in a particular place, except for dinner, you will not be expected to go home / to the hotel.

Eventbrite – for those who do not know what to do with themselves this evening, this weekend, this month.

Wallapop – here you can buy and sell all sorts of vintage items. It’s like a flea market, only on the phone. We found our Vespa in ’88 in it.



Journey Planner – navigation with public transport (buses, trams, electric trains)

Dublin Bus – only buses (board, trip price calculator, timetables, and navigation too, less convenient)

Dublin Bikes is an unofficial application to watch the fullness of the stations – so bikes without any applications can be taken.

Bleeper Bike – rusty undead bikes, but without stations, opened by the application via bluetooth.

MyTaxi is a mobile taxi, an analogue of Uber (only better and cheaper), although it is also an expensive thing to do.

GoCar – hourly car rental, very miserable (returning the car in the same place to pick up is expensive, inconvenient, and you also need to book in advance).

Leap Top-Up – recharge travel card, only for Android, need NFC. – housing search. You can subscribe to new ads for buying / renting real estate in different areas.

Canada. Montreal


Flipp is one of the best applications for tracking discounts and promotions in grocery stores. You can make your shopping lists. The application parsit flyers of the largest online stores and aggregates all this for the convenience of the end user.

P $ Mobile Service is a handy application for paying parking in Montreal.

car2go is the most popular car sharing service in the city. That is, car rental by the minute. No need to pay for gasoline. Just come to the car, press the button on the phone, the doors open and you can go.

Zulily is a very cool app for buying clothes. Prices are very affordable, fast delivery, understandable and accurate size tables.

Bixi is a bicycle rental service and 540 stations throughout Montreal.

Opus Reader is a small application that will show the remaining number of trips on your OPUS card. The phone must have an NFC chip to use the application.

Teo is a taxi service that uses only electric cars. There is even Tesla Model X, at a price slightly higher than in Uber.

MonTransit – the official app of the Montreal STM carrier. Allows you to track buses in real time, taking into account traffic jams.

Canada. Toronto


Transit – routes, timetables and tracking of public transport in real time in Toronto and the GTA, as well as 30+ other cities across Canada.

Waze is an alternative to the Google and Apple staff navigator with an indication of various incidents, traffic jams, cameras and police posts on the map.

Green P Parking – an application for paying parking in Toronto.

Bike Share is the most popular bike rental service, with 360 stations around Toronto.

Mint is a very convenient application for maintaining a personal budget with the ability to connect to the online bank and automatically download all transactions from it into the application with subsequent analysis.

BlogTO is an information and entertainment application about the city, there is an interesting section in Best in Toronto with collections of various institutions, as well as a poster for upcoming events.

Lyft is a popular taxi service as an alternative to Uber.

Kijiji is Canada’s most famous private message board, where you can find everything from electronics and furniture to renting apartments and selling cars.



First of all, if you go to China, then you should know that the big brother is following the Chinese Internet, therefore Facebook (including Instagram), Twitter, WhatsApp and Google will not work in China without VPN. Many applications from the list are devoted to bypassing locks.

VPN Proxy master is a free VPN for your phone. At 8 pm begins to podlagivat, but in general never fails me. Best of all ping goes through Singapore.

Windscribe – shareware VPN for laptop. They give 10 GB per month for free, but if you invite your friends via the link and repost on Twitter, then a few more gigabytes a month will be thrown on top. They give me 16 GB now.

Yandex.Mail – I connected my Gmail account to it to check mail without connecting to a VPN.

Baidu Translate – perhaps the best online translator with text scanner. Scan hieroglyphs, get a translation. It works best in a bunch of Chinese-English and vice versa.

Baidu maps – yes, they are in Chinese, but in order to build a route from point A to point B, you can cope without knowledge of Chinese. You can either copy the name of the place from the Internet, or use handwriting on the keyboard and redraw the hieroglyphs by hand. Baidu cards are good because the route can be built for public transport (the fare will be indicated), and for a bicycle, and even order a taxi without having a Chinese bank card.

WeChat is a Chinese messenger and payment system. Only a person with a linked Chinese bank card will be able to fully appreciate the charms of WeChat, because with it you can pay in the store. Attention: now you can attach Russian bank cards to WeChat, but I do not recommend this, since if you spend 1000 yuan, funds in an online wallet are blocked. This will not affect your Russian card, but if there is any money left on the wallet itself, then you will have to dance with a tambourine around the Chinese robotic technical support in order to withdraw the money. – here you can buy tickets for a train or a plane inside China, if you do not have a Chinese bank card to purchase tickets through Chinese services. The site takes a commission of about 30 yuan, you can pay with Visa and Mastercard.

AirMatters – monitoring the amount of harmful substances in the air just for fun. To feel like a little Brodsky and not leave the room.

New Zealand


GeoNet is a seismic activity tracker that provides real-time information about shocks across the country.

Lime is an application for sharing electric scooters, which is very convenient (and fun!) To get to various attractions in the city center. Unlocking a scooter costs 1 nzd, each minute of travel – 30 cents. Scooter geography so far applies only to Auckland and Wellington.

Neat Places City Guide – guide on the most trendy, cool and original places and events in major cities of New Zealand. In fact, the analogue of “Posters” in its best years with a touch of kiwi-minimalism.

CamperMate is a program for those who are “dumb” traveling around the country by car or in a house on wheels. Shows campgrounds scattered around the map, toilets, shops and other places useful for tourists.

AllTrails – New Zealand is famous for its scenic tracks, hiking routes and mountain bike trails, which can be found using this application.

iNaturalist – in this country, countless endemic plants and birds that can not be found anywhere else in the world. Thanks to this application, you can identify unfamiliar flora and fauna and hang out in front of nerd friends by seeing Psilocybe makarorae.

Kiwi Hub is a boring but useful thing for laying public transport routes, finding stops and calculating the time of the journey.

TradeMe is a local Avito where you can buy an old hatchback with a bed and an improvised kitchenette in the trunk of a great tent from travelers leaving the country for a penny, and then all that stuff there and shuffle other travelers before leaving.



Uber – to call a taxi. There are also a number of local companies with mobile apps. In Lima exactly work, in other cities you need to check.

Urbania and Adondevivir are platforms for finding housing and other real estate.

Cruz delSur is an application of local carriers for intercity and international buses.

Expedia – to check / book domestic flights and rent a car.

Páginas Amarillas de Perú – to search for professionals, shops and companies of various profiles.

Peru Travel (from PromPeru – Commission for the Promotion of Peruvian Export and Tourism) – a guide for traveling around Peru: a list of the main attractions in different places, their working hours, address, brief description and photo; brief information about festivals and other traditional holidays in different regions, as well as addresses of tourist information offices.

MESA 24/7 – for reserving tables in restaurants, you can choose the type of cuisine, there is information about the price category and reviews.



Taxify – in the spring of this year in Slovakia legislatively banned Uber. Therefore, if you need a taxi – put this application. Payment cash and bank transfer, user-friendly interface. The prices are very nice. From the airport to the city center spend – 5-7 euros.

CP is the abbreviation of the abbreviation “Cestovné poriadky”, which means “road schedule”. There is a very detailed schedule of intercity buses and trains.

IMHD.SK – urban transport application. Route schedule, stops, intervals. Recently, the possibility of buying electronic tickets.

GoEuro – app aggregator for buses and trains. If in the country it is better to use the CP application, then when traveling to neighboring countries by bus is a good option. Railway shows not everything, verified by Italy and Germany.

Bistro.SK – the unit of ordering food at home. Local analogue of Delivery, UberEats, “Yandex. Food”.

Translators – in a dispute “Yandex” vs Google, winning the domestic product. Google sometimes gives a very strange game, “Yandex” is, though clumsy, but more or less with the correct translation. And yes. It is better to translate not as a whole sentence, but for individual words – this is more reliable.

ISIC is an analogue of our student, where you can see current discounts and promotions. Slovakia is the country of victorious socialism, therefore there are a lot of freebies and discounts for students: clothes, travel, bars, cafes and so on. For example, a student under the age of 26 can travel by train around the country for free.

SkyScanner – of all the flight aggregators I use it, it is very convenient. I love their function “everywhere” when they show you the most favorable destinations from a given airport and according to the chosen date.



Grab – because Uber is not in Singapore. Includes taxi and food delivery. The service of bicycles and electric scooters will be connected soon.

Mobike – rental bikes, monthly subscription – 8 sgd (6 usd). Orange bikes can be found throughout the city.

Crowdtrails – and the guide is not needed, you can find interesting walks and places nearby with an attached map. From cultural monuments to trips to the cafes and canteens.

Wireless-sg – Wi-Fi almost everywhere and for free.

Eatigo – book cafes and restaurants with up to 50% discount. Very convenient, you can see the places on the map next to each other and save a lot.

Meetup is the simplest and free application where you can find friends. The idea is to meet in interest groups. There are meetings for dancing, meditation, and IT, for example, Google and Facebook often invite, and you can cook together, as well as just walk around the city.

Fave – coupons for everything, including massages and haircuts, as well as food. Singaporeans love to save!

Qoo10 is a Singaporean online store. You can buy cheap tickets to the zoo and the aquarium, or just find cosmetics, equipment or clothing.



Via is a cheaper alternative to Uber. The application has subscriptions for the week and month. A weekly travel ticket for Manhattan costs $ 63 and includes 4 trips per day (travel by metro $ 32). Manhattan rides start at $ 5, while one metro ride costs $ 2.75.

Subway is the official app of the New York subway: map, train traffic updates and changes in routes.

Hotel Tonight is the app for finding cheap hotels for today.

Classpass – sports classes of all studios in New York. Subscription required, but the first two weeks are free.

Yelp – yellow pages and a vital application in New York. Here you can find photos and reviews of restaurants, cafes, workshops, classes. When choosing any service – New Yorkers first check the reviews on Yelp.

Seamless – food delivery. Virtually no one cooks, mostly either eating at a cafe, or ordering food at home.

Venmo is a payment system that connects to a bank account or card, and to your Facebook account. It is often easier to pay in a cafe to one person, and the rest will transfer money to Venmo. At fairs or vintage markets, you can also pay through Venmo. Search by number or facebook: “How much was it? I’ll venmo you! ”

Citi Bike – rental bikes that stand at almost every intersection in New York. The most convenient way to travel around Manhattan. You can buy a subscription for the day, week, month, year.



HSL – buy tickets for public transport. Cheaper than the driver and in the machine. Routes, schedules – everything in it.

MobilePay is a popular and simple thing for transferring money from card to card, you only need to know the phone number of the person.

Foodora – to order food from restaurants.

Yango is a re – painted Yandex.Taxi. Prices are lower than in Uber. If there is a Russian application, it is not necessary to reinstall, everything will work in Helsinki.

Helsinki Bikes – for renting bicycles; see where the nearest station, how many are there, make a route.

Northern Lights Aurora Alerts – Northern Lights seekers. Shows the probability of its occurrence, monitors the solar wind, and of weather at the same time.

Yle Areena – television and radio in a smartphone, an application in the top ten most popular after standard messengers.

VR Mobile is an old but working application for buying tickets for trains and trains in Finland.



Radio Taxi Zagreb – metropolitan taxi, operating in addition to Uber.

HAK is the official application of the Croatian highway, you can track traffic jams and cameras on highways (for example, entrances to tunnels, bridges), road closures, gasoline prices and places of rest, look at the cameras of border points

HŽPP is a mobile rail application. You can travel by train not only domestically, but also go, for example, to Ljubljana.

Zagreb Be There is an excellent application for a walk through the capital of Croatia, which shows both the main attractions and a couple of interesting routes, including the route through the bars of Zagreb.

Local Wineries is a regional application that gathered all the popular and worthy (with the exception of small and, perhaps, Cuj) wineries of the Istrian peninsula.

Konzum is a supermarket chain application, you can track stocks for goods, and also just check prices. It is possible to collect the “basket” and order delivery or evaluate your future check for purchases.

Gorski Bike is an application for cyclists / athletes, created for different cycle routes along the Gorsky Kotor national park closest to Istria.

Plitvička jezera – the official app of the most popular Croatian national park for routes, restaurants and nearby vacation spots, hotels.

Montenegro is a detailed offline map of Montenegro, very useful for self-movement in the country, a good plus is the presence of hiking routes in mountainous areas, useful tags from other travelers.

Taxi Maxim is a taxi and boat ordering service in Budva with Russian roots.

Klik Taxi is an application for calling various taxi companies.

Booking – the main service for finding and booking accommodation, a large selection, works more efficiently than Airbnb. – service ordering food from local cafes, available in Serbian and English. Also works in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia (only Zagreb). – a site with a bus schedule, including to many European countries, you can buy tickets online (there is Russian). is a site with a timetable for electric trains from Bar to Belgrade (Serbia), many trains have seen better times, but the surrounding landscapes are stunning, the stretch of road runs along the highest bridge in Europe (202 meters).

Delta City Podgorica – the application of the largest shopping center in the country, a complete list of shops and institutions.

Czech – detailed map of the Czech Republic, you can choose hiking trails with marked attractions.

Idos – public transport routes. Builds the path from the stop or address to the minute with transfers and a map of the way.

PID Lítačka (PID Info) – an application for the purchase of travel cards for public transport online. In addition, in the application, you can build a route, find a stop on the map and see background information on public transport.

Taxify is a taxi application. Prices should be compared with Uber, sometimes they can differ by almost 2 times!

Rekola is a bike rental app that can be found on the city streets. You must attach a bank card. The first 15 minutes are free.

Pivovary (cz / sk) – search for breweries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Slevomat – discount coupons to museums, restaurants, for various services. The closest analogue of Russian biglion, only in Czech.

Lingea Russian-Czech Dictionary is a good Russian-Czech dictionary (alas, paid), since Google and Yandex cannot translate the translation, you can not even try.



National Rail (ScotRail) – if you need to get from point A to point B in Scotland by train or train (as understood by the Russian train, then there is a train in Scotland).

StageCoach – to move between points in Scotland, where airplanes do not fly and trains do not go.

Virgin Train – if point A is in Scotland, and point B is in England (such cases, different countries are different carriers).

Megabus – in case you want to get a long distance for very funny money on the bus (lots of options from £ 1).

Walking Highlands – in case you like hacking (and why else come to Scotland ?!) and want your route to be planned in and out.

EAT. – in case you get hungry, and you don’t want to leave the house

Amazon – to buy everything. One day, my boyfriend’s sister asked me “in the sense that there is no Amazon in Russia, but where are you then buying everything ?!”

Monzo – if you stay with a friend for quite a long time, and you want a local bank card (the card lasts 7-10 days, it is necessary to indicate the address of the hotel for its registration).

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