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Google Search has received a new design in accordance with the Material Design

Updated appearance has become available to most users.

Google has tested the updated look and feel of the search page since August 2018. Since the end of November, the new design has become available to most users. Now the look of the search complies with the principles of Material Design 2.0.

The main changes have undergone a block with a search line and search parameters: its background became white, and the line received rounded corners. When scrolling the page, the search line is not hidden, but is fixed on top – this can be a useful innovation, since the user does not have to scroll the page up to make a new search query. Also, the design of cards with various information was updated: now they have a frame and rounded corners. Among other sources of search, the updated design received only the “Finance” tab (soon “ Pictures ” and “ Hotels ”).

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