Egyptian singer arrested for too frank clip 

In the video, she poses in her underwear and eats a banana.

On November 18, Egyptian police arrested a pop singer, known as Shima, on suspicion of “inciting debauchery.” The detention was preceded by the appearance of numerous complaints about the clip, in which the girl poses near the blackboard with the inscription “69”, eats a banana and licks an apple in front of a class full of men.

Shema herself earlier apologized and said she did not expect such a violent reaction to her video. According to her, she dreamed of becoming a singer since childhood and did not want her work to be misunderstood.

In Egypt, there are laws designed to protect the morality of the population. In 2015, a dancer got into prison for a similar accusation, the video of which was considered obscene to the song “Let Go of My Hand”.

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