Egyptian actress faces five years in prison because of the transparent dress

She was accused of “spreading vices” and “encouraging depravity.”

Rania Youssef AFP

Egyptian actress Rania Youssef (Rania Youssef) was accused of promoting “immorality and propaganda of vices” because she came to the cinema festival in Cairo on November 29 in a transparent dress. If the court finds the actress guilty, she faces up to five years in prison. The hearings on the Yussef case will be held on January 12th.

Youssef’s dress consisted of a black sleeveless bodysuit and a transparent dress with a bow at the waist, in which her legs were visible.

According to the Telegraph, lawyers complained to Youssef to the prosecutor’s office, accusing her of “performing indecent acts in public”, as well as “encouraging debauchery and temptation” and “spreading vice in ways that violate established standards in Egyptian society. According to the BBC, the two lawyers are named Amro Abdesalam (Amro Abdelsalam) and Samir Sabri (Samir Sabri), they often complain about the stars in law enforcement.

The actress apologized on Twitter. She also stated that she “may have miscalculated” in the choice of dress.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I first put on [such a dress] and did not think it would cause so much hatred. I reiterate my commitment to the values ​​that are brought up in Egyptian society.[/perfectpullquote]
Rania Youssef

In December 2017, the Egyptian court sentenced 21 years old singer Shima to two years in prison. In the clip, she starred in her underwear, and in the frame she ate a banana and an apple ambiguously. She was convicted of “a call to debauchery.”

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