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Dutch court banned 69-year-old man to be younger by 20 years

No matter how cool the motivational coach and neurolinguistic programming specialist is Emil Rattband, he was not able to persuade the judge. In early November, the man demanded to officially change the date of birth in his documents in order to turn from a 69-year old man into a 49-year-old youth. After all, age limits it in its possibilities, although the body is still in great shape, Rathlband believes.

The court considered as insufficient grounds the statement that the official age prevents Emil from seeking work and love, does not reflect his emotional age. The court did not accept the opinion of the doctors that Emil hired to confirm the biological youth of his body. Even appeals to other forms of personal transformation that allow you to change the gender and name did not help.

The judge referred to the fact that Dutch law is based on age, securing rights and obligations. For example, the right to vote and the duty to attend school. And if the request of Rattleband is satisfied, then chaos will reign in the country.

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