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“Cool your attacks”: the match of Russian football teams held in the style of GTA: San Andreas 

The inscription “Spent” on the whole stadium and the same music during the break.

Usually, Russian football seems boring in terms of marketing – from the behavior of clubs in social networks and communication with fans to entertainment around matches. However, in the past few years, the situation began to be corrected, mainly by several teams.

December 2 in Rostov-on-Don, the Premier League match between direct competitors – “Rostov” and CSKA Moscow. It ended with a score of 0-0, but the game result in this context is not at all important.

The fact is that “Rostov” advertised the match in social networks in the style of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In addition, the club has stylized a lot of what is happening at its Rostov Arena stadium. The idea, apparently , was given by the authors of the VGIK community. This is probably the first time that Russian football clubs use images and memes from a computer game that is also not related to sports.

How it was

A few days before the game, “Rostov” compared the Brazilian defender of CSKA Rodrigo Bekao with the main character of San Andreas, Carl “CJ” Johnson.

CSKA responded by rethinking the phrase-meme (you can see how Bekao looks like CJ). “Rostov” remembered the cheat code for health.

The team announced the main team, without departing from the idea.

Under the GTA stylized scoreboard with a score at the stadium.


The whole stadium was played by the same music from San Andreas.

The judge was presented as if he himself lives on Grove Street.

Photo ” VGIK “

The announcer at the stadium played along with the general idea. In the first half, he asked CSKA fans not to break the rules with the words: “Dear guest fans, we ask you to cool your passion.” When Moscow fans were once again warned about sanctions, they showed a frame with five stars on the scoreboard.

Photo ” VGIK “

After the end of the match on the facade of the “Rostov-Arena” the phrase-meme was spinning.


“Rostov” also wished CSKA good luck in one of the following matches – against Real Madrid. And also in the style of GTA.

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