The journalist planned to create a youth online movement against the Saudi authorities.

Jamal Hashukji photo AP
Jamal Hashukji photo AP

Activist Omar Abdulaziz gave CNN his correspondence with Saudi journalist Jamal Hashukji, in which he criticized Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salaman. The channel also got access to photos, videos and audio recordings from the correspondence.

Arrests are unfounded, and do not go to his hand (as the logic says). But tyranny has no logic, but he loves power and oppression, and he needs to show it. He is like a beast, [character] Pakman – the more victims he eats, the more he wants. I would not be surprised if the pressure affects those who welcome him, and then the rest. Only God knows.

one of the messages of Hashukji

The channel also noted that from the correspondence it follows that from talking Khashukji decided to “get to the point” and create a youth online movement against the Saudi authorities.

[Jamal] I was sure that MBS (Mohammed bin Salman –  ) – problem, and this child has to stop.

Omar Abdulaziz in a CNN interview

In August, Hashkaji suspected that his correspondence was intercepted by the Saudi authorities. Two months later he was killed.

Abdulaziz told CNN that he filed a lawsuit against an Israeli company that, in his opinion, had created software for hacking his phone.

Hacking my phone played a leading role in what happened to Jamal. I’m sorry. Guilt is killing me.

Omar Abdulaziz in a CNN interview

On October 20, Saudi Arabia recognized that Saudi journalist and columnist for The Washington Post Jamal Hashukji was killed during a fight in the consulate general on October 2 On the day of the murder, he came to the diplomatic representation for divorce documents, after which he disappeared.

On November 17, The Washington Post reported that the CIA recognized the Saudi prince as the organizer of the assassination of journalist Hashukji.