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The American school has apologized for the teacher, said first-graders that Santa Claus does not exist 

It is not known whether the teacher will work at the school.

Frame from the movie “Call me Santa Claus”

Michael Raj (Michael Raj), director of Cedar Hill in Montville (New Jersey) sent an apology letter to parents of first-graders who were told in class that Santa Claus was not. In the letter, he noted that he himself is a father and understands how “sensitive the nature” of this issue. According to the school director, he discussed with the teacher the inadmissibility of such statements.

The superintendent of the school, Rene Rovtar, also made a public statement in which she noted that she was “concerned and disappointed with this incident.” Rovtar explained that “the children’s miracle associated with all holidays and traditions” is something special for her.

The name of the teacher was not disclosed, just as they did not say whether she would be allowed to continue working in the district.

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