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Let’s feel each other’s hands! The best memes and viral videos of November

Nature freezes, birds fly south, and we stay at home, leaving for work in the dark and returning from it every day in the dark. Ahead of six months of bad weather, in which it remains only to embrace the central heating battery and watch memes. We brought them to you in the traditional monthly collection. And in order to receive a pinch of memeticity every day with home delivery, subscribe to our channel  “Some Game”  in Telegram.

Tradition to feel hands

Twitter user void main has burst into a huge chain of posts about the tradition that exists among normal men – to feel each other’s hands. It would seem that can be funny in handshakes? However, one has only to call this process differently, as it acquires a caricature meaning, while remaining still vital. However, decide for yourself.


Father SpongeBob

On November 27, Stephen Hillenberg died in the USA at the age of 56 – the creator of the animated series Sponge Bob Square Pants. In recent years, he has struggled with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Since 1984, Stephen has worked as a teacher of marine biology. And during three years of this career, Spongebob and starfish Patrick were born, with the help of which Stephen illustrated his lectures. But with teaching, he soon started and left to make cartoons.

The series that brought him fame about the inhabitants of the ocean floor was released in 1999 and has since held the mark of the most important hit, Nickelodeon, adding more and more new episodes. Hillenberg’s characters were so colorful that they could not turn into memes. Let us and we, following the example of the Western press, say goodbye to Father Spongebob with a handful of memes.

Fantasy giants against me

In mid-November, users of social networks began to actively share fantasy art. No, this is not a sharply awakened interest in fantasy, but just another batch of memes. The pictures taken to sign themselves in the role of some minor character, and everyday turmoil – in the role of giants.

Thus, a saleswoman who knows how to cancel a purchase, or a “station cop,” who receives shawarma three times more than usual, became a giant.

Pikachu ofigel

In the fall, Pikachu returned, not only as a character in the new Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch, but also as a popular meme character. Virus was a freeze-frame from the 10th episode of the very first season of the pokemon anime, where Pikachu froze in surprise, opening his mouth. In memes, it symbolized surprise with regards to the result of one’s own actions, which from the outside seems obvious.

In RuNet, this transformed into the surprise of anyone regarding a natural result. For example, if a rapper dies from an overdose, consuming drugs indiscriminately.

“I:“ Hmmm, what happens if I bend this thing hard? ” Stuck: * breaks * I: “
“- Moron. No man can kill me. – I’m not a man”
“I: * sit on the Internet for eight hours a day * Sight: * falls * Also I: * forgot everything *
“Petyr Beilish:“ You should not trust me. ” Ned Stark: * trusts him * * Petr betrays Ned in the next series * Ned Stark: “

Oldy here?

Oldy in the fall count. Popular streamers were adopted from “Dvacha” (I remind you that the real “Dvach” is dead, but nobody cares) the tradition to arrange a roll call of veteran users who have been watching the channel for a long time and know some local memes. Usually this is accompanied by the question “Oldy here?”, To which they answer “Here” and “On the spot.” The popularization of the years resulted in a small pack of memes, which eventually acquired a parodic meaning: you never know who is old, and who is newfag.

Two meter bull

In November, the giant bull from Australia became a real superhero of social networks. It was because of the size that he avoided a one-way ticket for the slaughterhouse. The bull is seven years old, it weighs almost one and a half tons and wears the nickname Nickers.

NONONONO Cat is already in cat heaven

The Internet said goodbye to the cat, nicknamed NONONONO Cat. The clip with him was uploaded to YouTube in 2011. In the video, the Marquis cat spoke almost English.

He died in the summer, but Perm journalists, in whose region the cat lived, learned about it only in November.

– Marquis lived a decent cat life. Up to 16 years, he had two months left: he was very thin, although he ate more than usual. He began to refuse the kidneys and liver, he ceased to control the “toilet” – told the owners of the animal.

They also remembered that the original video was filmed in 2003 or 2004, when friends with a four-year-old girl came to visit. Probably, the cat has never seen such a little man and notably nervous.


Rock climber

The video that was shot by Dmitry Kedrov was the real drama of the past month. With the help of a quadcopter, he watched the bear and her teddy bear try to climb a snow-covered mountain. And if at an adult animal it turned out quite easily, then the cub very often slipped, causing the mother to worry.

Valera we will not leave

Everybody ever had a best friend who did not want to leave for a minute. Especially in childhood. There is a girl with this video. The friend is slightly unusual, his name is Valera, and his mother forbids him to roll in a wheelchair in the yard.


Well, before the final chord, let us remember web comics drawn by skilled craftsmen, which did not reach the general public, but actively earned likes on VKontakte.


And at the end, as usual, we offer a selection of the most interesting and popular Koubs over the past month.


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