Why Huawei smartphones can not be used in the US

If Russian-speaking users mostly laugh at the name of Huawei, then in the US, smartphones of this Chinese brand simply hate .

And there is a reason: too often the words “hacking”, “backdoor”, “plums” and “Huawei” appear in the same sentence. It’s time to finally figure out why these Chinese smartphones and other technology cannot be trusted.

US intelligence agreed: Huawei is not needed

US citizens should not use Huawei products and services, executives of six major US intelligence agencies said at once. At the same time got and ZTE.

Director of the FBI Chris Vray personally drew attention to the problems. He stressed that the government “is deeply concerned about the risks that allow any company or organization to gain positions in our telecommunications networks .” And admitted that the Chinese can steal and change information from smartphones and other Huawei devices.

American intelligence has long been wary of Huawei. The company, which was founded by a former engineer associated with the People’s Liberation Army of China, is called by thepoliticians from the United States “an effective lever of the Chinese government.”

The Chinese manufacturer regularly recalls the history of 2012. Then, the House Intelligence Committee submitted a report saying that Huawei and ZTE pose a threat to US national security.

Former head of the CIA and the NSA, Mike Hayden, in 2013 stated that there was real evidence of espionage from Huawei. Hayden stressed that the company ” shared with the Chinese authorities all the details of the telecommunications network device, in the construction of which it participated .”

Of course, Hayden at that time served as director of Motorola Solutions, which is trying to compete with Huawei. But it is unlikely that he would give the facts without evidence.

We also recall that in the United States since 2014 there is a ban on the sale of Huawei equipment under government contracts. Naturally, this also created problems in the consumer electronics market.

AT & T refused to sell top Huawei Mate 10 Pro


Huawei is the third largest smartphone maker, and AT & T is one of the largest US telecom operators. And the operator must have a really serious reason to stop selling fresh Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

An initiative group of US lawmakers suspected Chinese smartphones Huawei Mate 10 of spying on users. The experts sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission. They are convinced: Huawei cooperates with the Chinese television company and the country’s special services. In addition, activists have accused Huawei of ignoring intellectual property rights.

It is believed that the communications commission put pressure on AT & T. If the operator agreed to a deal with Huawei, the position of the Chinese company in the United States would be strengthened. It could have reached the point that US officials would be forced to use Huawei. And this is nonsense, according to the US authorities.

It is said that Huawei merges your information

A security specialist from Kryptowire bought a BLU R1 HD smartphone on vacation and noticed that the device was showing suspicious network activity. It turned out that the smartphone collects data and transfers it to the Chinese servers,, and, owned by the Shanghai Adups Technology Company, better known as Adups.

The problem was in the software update system by air (FOTA, Firmware Over The Air). The smartphone collected data that allowed to identify the user, track his geolocation, call log, SMS text, find out IMSI, IMEI, list of installed applications. Every 72 hours, he poured information on the server Adups. In addition, FOTA allowed to download, install and delete applications without the knowledge of the user, to update the firmware without his consent.

It is known that Huawei used Addups solutions. The Chinese giant, of course, immediately disowned all the accusations: they say, ” this company has never been on the list of trusted suppliers, and we have never done any business with it .” And Adups themselves said that, they say, it happens, just “a private company made a mistake .” Everyone, of course, nodded and believed it.

Check whether your smartphone merges data through Adups FOTA, allows the program Debloater.

Install, launch, connect Android-smartphone in USB debugging mode, click Read Device Packages. If there are com.adups.fota and com.adups.fota.sysoper packages in the list, select them and click Apply. After that, the packets will remain on the list, but will be blocked, so they will no longer send your data to questionable servers.

Amateur hacker found a “hole” in Huawei routers

In November, a novice hacker under the nickname Nexus Zeta asked for help in creating malware on the Darknet thematic forums. And in December, it became known that he launched a new version of the infamous Mirai botnet called Okiru / Satori.

Hacker exploited zero-day vulnerability in Huawei HG532 home routers. It is associated with the incorrect implementation of the TR-064 protocol, which is used to automate equipment configuration.

Of course, no one is insured against zero-day vulnerabilities. But for an amateur hacker to create a botnet using such a hole in a month, it hit 285 thousand active devices … You need to know this!

What is the attitude to Huawei in other countries?


British intelligence also suspected Huawei of spying. In 2013, the intelligence agency GCHQ decided to strengthen the supervision of the manufacturer and even set up its own unit within the Huawei Cyber ​​Security Evaluation Center (HCSEC).

The British feared that Huawei equipment posed a threat to national security. GCHQ experts investigated Huawei mobile devices and broadband communications networks, taking advantage of their position. They didn’t find anything (at least they didn’t say it loudly). But somehow too much attention to the “white and fluffy” company.

There is a reason not to love Huawei in India. Here in 2014, the Chinese broke into several mobile towers of the BSNL operator in Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion, a government investigation was conducted, but Huawei could not be held accountable either.

Experts attributed hacking to the fact that two years earlier, BSNL held a tender for $ 10.15 million to expand its network. It was won by ZTE, Huawei’s first competitor in this market. Huawei decided to take revenge.

However, the NSA keeps back something …

The agency itself could introduce backdoors into Huawei software. Former NSA and CIA officer Edward Snowden provided evidence of the Shotgiant hacker attack. As part of it, agents gained access to the source repositories of a Chinese company.

Huawei’s internal data processed server in Shenzhen. The agents broke it and could do anything: insert backdoors into software, look for vulnerabilities, even read the correspondence of Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei, chairman of the company Sun Yafani and 15 thousand employees.

In addition, the NSA has placed bugs on the Huawei corporate network. Thanks to them, the agency received complete data on the principles of operation of industrial routers, switching equipment, etc., and listened to conversations of top managers.

The purpose of the NSA was to find holes that would allow to listen to the equipment in networks that are of interest to the United States. Especially in countries that prefer Chinese devices to American ones. It is clear that if they got to the modems with routers, then the smartphones, as well as components for them, were not left without attention.

Findings. Dangerously?

The story of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro forced to recall all the accusations of the manufacturer in espionage. A statement by six Chinese intelligence agencies gave reason to doubt the safety of equipment, even the notorious Huawei fans. If you do not want to “make yourself nervous” and worry about the safety of personal data, it is reasonable to pay attention to other brands.

By the way, it is not surprising that the Chinese had to buy reviews for fresh Huawei Mate 10 Pro. After so much news about vulnerabilities …

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