Why Huawei is banned in all countries

We already told in February that Huawei is not loved in the United States . According to statements by representatives of major US intelligence agencies, there is direct evidence of espionage by Huawei.

It got to the point that one of the largest US telecom operators AT & T refused to sell top models of the Chinese manufacturer.

It would seem that there is going on overseas, we are not interested. Suspicion of the United States for Chinese products is only a matter of policy, if not for one thing, but.

Huawei products are beginning to ban worldwide. Or, at least, many countries have become very suspicious of the goods of the Chinese concern.

Europe is concerned and does not give permission to build a 5G network

After US officials called for increased vigilance against threats to national security, Europe began to think about protecting its communications networks and supply chains.

The UK and Germany are still afraid to allow the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to install 5G equipment in their countries.

And most likely will be banned altogether ! And this is in view of the fact that the Chinese company, being the leader in creating the first networks of the new generation, has already conducted extensive 5G tests in both countries.

It is too early to say that Berlin will finally sever relations with the Chinese company, but the concern in the ministries of foreign affairs and internal affairs is increasing.

As for London, the attitude of the British to the Chinese company changed significantly in the summer, after a report from the center for the study of the technology of the Chinese company.

It casts doubt on the reliability of data when using Chinese components, and also speaks of possible risks in the British telecommunications networks.

Moreover, according to rumors, the report next year is likely to be even more significant and will cause new concerns about the inability of the Chinese company to cope with security issues.

Australia and New Zealand do not want to deal with the Chinese

The problems of the Chinese company continued this week.

The New Zealand Intelligence Agency rejected the request of the communications industry in the country to use 5G equipment provided by Chinese Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. The reason is the same – concern about national security.

That is, it is not about technical issues.

The agency makes unequivocal hints about the participation of the Chinese government in the fifth-generation mobile networks. Although Huawei representatives have repeatedly insisted that Beijing has no influence on it.

Thus, New Zealand joined the Australian government in this matter, which in August forbade the Chinese to provide 5G equipment for the country’s wireless networks. Moreover, the ban on Australians also applies to another Chinese company ZTE.

If we recall that Australia and New Zealand are former British colonies, the situation becomes obvious.

There may be several reasons, but one problem

5G networks will be the next major wave in mobile infrastructure. If some suppliers are banned, it will be a serious blow to them.

It is logical to assume that American companies are involved in all this. The United States exerts pressure on China in a number of areas and insists on “the unity of its allies in China’s politics.”

Findings. Why not love Huawei?

1. Perhaps all the security reports presented are just excuses to an artificially erected barrier to allow Western companies to catch up with innovative Chinese in this matter.

2. The reason for the prohibitions may be Chinese law . According to a government document, companies must cooperate with intelligence services. Accordingly, equipment manufactured by firms such as Huawei and ZTE may be compromised. At least that’s what’s happening around the world right now.

3. Perhaps the problem of the Chinese with 5G is really in the technology itself. The main difference between 5G technology and traditional 4G technology and 3G is that conventional technology has the core of the infrastructure, and then peripheral technologies such as mobile phones or tablets.

4. Each component of the 5G technology is integrated, and therefore access to one component can lead to access to the entire network. So the slightest hint at the unreliability of any device calls into question the entire network.

Do politics, business or problems really exist?

Whatever the real reason for the ban, the conclusion is one way or another – Huawei has serious problems with reputation and trust in its products. It is possible that in the future smartphones of the company supporting 5G technology, which should be shown next year, will be banned.

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