When installing iOS 10 got a brick? Solution here + Apple answer

ATTENTION: in no case do not upgrade to iOS 10 through Settings – Basic – Software Update (by air). Install iOS 10 only through iTunes (via computer).

You can solve the problem as follows:

Option 1: Wait for Apple’s OTA update.

Option 2 : Run Recovery from iTunes with? Loss? all data (backups in the cloud and on the computer (if you created them before updating) will remain). With their help, you can restore the iPhone to the current state.

Option 3 : Connect an iOS device to iTunes (on a computer) using a Lightning cable and try selecting the Update item in the program. If iTunes misses the update, there is a chance that all data on the device will be saved (relevant for users without a backup).

On which devices is the problem:

– iPhone 6s 
– iPhone 6s Plus 
– iPhone SE 
– iPad Pro (both)

Why did you get the “brick”?

The update was not fully loaded or the firmware file was broken. Of course, that installation is not possible with a broken firmware. Therefore, you received a similar message:

How to update “correctly”

DO NOT UPDATE BY AIR. This is how you get a brick, like thousands of users who have chosen a similar installation method. Alas, all claims to Apple.

Use the update “on the lanyard” using iTunes . MUST update iTunes to the latest version 12.5.1 ( we wrote about it today ) and only then do the installation.

Apple’s official response

Apple said it solved the problem of bricks when upgrading to iOS 10, and now you can install the firmware absolutely safely.

In the first hour after the new version of the operating system became available, a number of users encountered problems. For our part, we have already solved this error. Anyone who encounters an error should connect to iTunes or contact Apple support for assistance.

If you do not want to risk, still install via iTunes. Well, helped?

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