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Toyota has found application 5G – to control the robot avatar

Toyota and operator NTT Docomo showed a new version of the robot T-HR3, which was introduced about a year ago. Then the two-legged avatar creature had to be controlled through a wired connection – it provided a stable and fast transfer of commands. Now the robot was controlled using the 5G network from a distance of 10 kilometers.

T-HR3 is initially developed by the automaker as a remotely controlled robot, writes Engadget. The operator-man sits in a special chair with mounts and can direct the movements of a futuristic mechanism from it. A helmet with screens replaces vision. Implemented feedback that helps the operator to control the machine more efficiently.

The systems built into the robot help keep it upright, that is, a person is distracted by the fact that the mechanical humanoid does not fall, is not necessary.

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