The FBI has put the rapper 6ix9ine in prison, he faces 32 years for robbery. His new album with Kanye West leads the charts.

When a rapper reads about drugs and murders, it suddenly turns out to be true.

Daniel Hernandez, known as 6ix9ine. Photo Pool

Daniel Hernandez, known by the pseudonym 6ix9ine (or Tekashi69), is a 22-year-old Mexican-born rapper from New York. From November 16, 2018, he is in custody and will remain in US federal prison until September 2019, when the trial of his case begins.

In parallel, Hernandez released his debut album , which has a joint song with the main stars of American rap – Kanye West and Nikki Minaj. He had to cancel all the concerts for the next year, despite the fact that the album started in the top 5 albums on the Billboard chart.

On charges from the FBI rapper faces up to 32 years in prison

On November 16, the FBI arrested Hernandez on the indictment, according to which he is a member of the street gang The Nine Trey Gangsters. It exists since 1993 and is associated with one of the most famous street groups Bloods. According to the prosecution, 6ix9ine was involved in drug trafficking, murder of people, business racketeering and armed robbery.

The FBI conducted an investigation against Hernandez for five years. It turned out that the rapper has been working with The Nine Trey Gangsters for more than a year, and one of the leaders of the gang was made by his manager. In September, the musician allegedly waited for him and other suspects in the car when they robbed a store in New York with a gun. After that, 6ix9ine posted a video on Instagram, where he announced the dismissal of all those involved in his team.

Together with Hernandez in court were his former manager and three gang members. New York prosecutors have charged them with smuggling drugs and selling marijuana. The FBI established a wiretap in the homes of the suspects and found out that they were planning to attack each other: the dismissed team as revenge, and 6ix9ine – in response to their threats.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Members and gang members (including 6ix9ine) supported and encouraged each other’s crimes. They spread drugs, attacked people, used weapons, and also promoted such a lifestyle through social networks and music. The goal of the gang is power, the preservation of controlled territories and the profits from actions related to violence, robbery and murder.[/perfectpullquote]
fragment of the prosecutor’s office statement

The minimum penalty offered by the FBI for Hernandez is 25 years, and the maximum is 32 years in prison. According to Rolling Stone, the rapper’s lawyer offered a compromise to the court: until the final decision, Tekashi69 will pass the passport and be released on bail of a million dollars. The judge did not agree with this, saying that a musician could be dangerous for society because of threats to his colleagues and possible criminal connections. Hernandez will remain in federal prison until September 2019, when hearings begin and the court will sentence him.


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“In life, I fear only two things. First FBI, then God

Hernandez said this phrase in a recent radio interview. Over the past few years, he has been arrested many times, and he has left prison at least once. At the same time, 6ix9ine went from a few concerts in Europe to 15 million Instagram subscribers. But the bad reputation of the perpetrator pursued Hernandez for many years.

  • In 2015, the rapper published three videos on Instagram with a 13-year-old girl who sat on his lap, posed in her underwear and had oral sex with his friend. Two years later, the musician was convicted of these videos: he pleaded guilty, but said he did not know about the girl’s age;
  • Under a contract with the court, 6ix9ine had to commit no crime for two years, and also receive a GDE high school diploma. However, until the end of 2017, he did not pass the exams, so he was threatened with three years in prison and the status of a sex offender (he must register in a databasethat is accessible to all). Because of these accusations, the rapper canceled the tour with Russian cities;
  • By the beginning of 2018, Hernandez was still educated, but became the defendant of several more cases. First, he attacked a 16-year-old teenager in a shopping center, then he incorrectly parked in an unregistered car, and after that he made a conflict with the police. He was given another suspended sentence;
  • These are only the most notable cases. Before getting under the accusation of the FBI, 6ix9ine told several times in Instagram that he was involved in crimes, used weapons and attacked people. This attracted the attention of the authorities, because under a contract with the court, he could not behave on social networks “as a socially dangerous criminal.”

From warming up the Pharaoh to the tracks with Kanye West

6ix9ine is the most controversial figure in modern music. Initially, he became popular as a meme : because of the multi-colored hair, numerous tattoos and rainbow-colored teeth, the rapper was accompanied by pictures of current hip-hop artists. He actively maintained his image in social networks, posting crazy videos and mocking other rappers.

6ix9ine did not hide at all that it is connected with the underworld. The rapper’s three main hits, Gummo, Kooda and Tati, got clips where he poses with the street gang members, rides along the street with a gun and wears the red symbolism of the Bloods group. Despite this, some of the listeners and some well-known rappers did not believe that Hernandez was a real gangster, and they thought it was just attributes, like other hip-hop artists.

The high interest in the first 6ix9ine album is also due to the collaboration with Kanye West and Nikki Minaj. Probably, the FBI will ask them to testify, but so far they have not commented on the suspicions about their colleagues. Especially because the shooting occurred together with West and Minaj of the clip : unknown people came to one of the make-up artists with guns.

The increased interest of fans and the press to the rapper is illustrated by two milestones in the 6ix9ine career, between which there is only a year of difference. In April 2017, he performed at the opening of the Russian rapper Pharaoh in Prague, and in July 2018 released a joint video with Nikki Minaj, who collected 500 million views in four months.

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