Review of top Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. He is transparent and strange

 We investigated the basic version of Xiaomi Mi 8 from all sides: we studied the camera work , showed autonomy, found very cool chips and even compared the screen with the iPhone .

Now the advanced version of the Mi 8 Pro has appeared on the Russian market: the ultimatum flagship has become even cooler. Well, our meticulous reviewers subjected him to the most impartial analysis.

How does the Mi 8 Pro differ from the basic version?

Unearthly beauty, technological

In fact, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is the very same Mi 8 Explorer Edition , announced for the Chinese domestic market six months ago. But for the rest of the world.

The difference between these versions is one — the firmware: in one is Chinese-English , in the other is the international version of the proprietary MIUI.

Superb AMOLED display with DCI-3 support

But the ancestor in the face of Xiaomi Mi 8, they went much further:

  • Fingerprint scanner has moved under the screen
  • The back cover has become transparent
  • The front camera received an additional module and learned how to build a 3D model of the face.
  • The battery has lost 15% of capacity, and the smartphone has become thinner

In this format, it is already a serious competitor to the flagship conceptual Vivo NEX , OPPO Find X  and even to its own Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 .

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro stands out among its comrades not only at a low price: it is made for people for every day, comfortable and thought out to the smallest detail.

The filling is hidden with tempered glass with perfect polishing

You shouldn’t be afraid of a transparent back cover: the real “offal” of the Mi 8 looks different , the cunning Chinese engineers didn’t jeopardize the work of the filling, hiding under the cover a false panel with a lot of “easter eggs”.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Very cool smartphone, eye-catching realistic image on the display and a catchy transparent back cover.[/perfectpullquote]

Cheating? By no means. It is so unlikely to dissolve the components on the board so beautifully, and to abandon the idea is to resort to one of the options that have set teeth on edge with a gradient or a solid shade of the glass panel.

How does a subscreen fingerprint scanner work?

Setup in just a couple of steps.

The key feature of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, of course, is the fingerprint scanner under the screen . Incredibly unusual, innovative and all that.

The scanner in Android-smartphones is used so actively that the new placement completely changes the usual scenarios and actions of the user.

Getting started with it, as in the usual Mi 8. The input is also no different, and even MIUI chips are workable. Can:

  • block access to favorite applications (and they cannot be launched even knowing the password from the main desktop of the smartphone),
  • block the exit from the “Child mode” and the protected “Second space” – an additional desktop in a separate memory section.


By default, the Mi 8 Pro scanner works after a preliminary activation tap: a picture appears and you can unlock it.

There is a more convenient way: the smartphone can turn on the screen when the accelerometer is triggered, like in the Mi Band – you need to lift the device with the screen towards you and you can press the scanner.

It works like a clock – exactly and without question, always the first time. Wet or dusty hands are no longer a hindrance (finally!).

Face scanner or fingerprint scanner?

In the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro scanner lies under the keyboard to enter a password. But this does not prevent at the same time using the keyboard and the sensor.

The latter appears above the numbers – you just need to attach a finger to it, and everything will work. If you ignore it, and start entering numbers – the sensor will recede into the background, instantly giving priority.

Conveniently “back”, but still far from FaceID. Therefore, in the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro registered a new system for unlocking the face .


In the usual Mi 8, the front camera is combined with an infrared sensor to unlock on a user’s photo in the dark.

In Mi 8 Pro, they are supplemented by a 3D camera , with which a 3D model is built, as in  FaceID . This unlock option works precisely and quickly, as in the iPhone. Someone else’s photo does not deceive.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Xiaomi notes that while the system is not debugged for Europeans, therefore, for activation, you need to change the system region to Singapore.[/perfectpullquote]

The scanner does not do very well with the scarf on the face, so it is better to use a trouble-free scanner even in the Russian cold (-18 centigrade is not a problem).

When Android is on par with iOS

By the way, in  MIUI 9/10  based on Android 9 , pre-installed on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, there are a couple of interesting features.

One of them is gestures borrowed from the iPhone X. With their help, you can turn off the on-screen keys and beat the system another centimeter of the screen.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The accuracy of the MIUI – like a fresh iOS. No lag, no microfreeze.[/perfectpullquote]

The accuracy of the MIUI – like a fresh iOS. No lag, no microfreeze.

In general, similar to iOS branded MIUI has become even closer to the modern versions of the Apple system. And in some ways it surpasses: you can customize everything, something that requires the use of third-party programs or complex life hacking in other mobile systems.

It has more memory than my laptop


“Stuffing” Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro has undergone minor changes: 8 GB of RAM against 6 GB of the basic version. Like the best tops.

However, MIUI works fine on both 2 and 4 GB. Record value is useful except for the future, or for “heavy” games.

The same situation with the processor: the flagship chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 has a huge performance margin, “taking out” any modern tasks.


However, the main feature of this platform is still power consumption, thanks to which a modest  3000 mAh battery shows good results:

  • up to 5 hours in 3D games
  • up to 15 hours of video viewing
  • up to 12 hours of internet surfing on LTE networks

The original version with the battery increased to  3400 mAh shows similar results, surpassing the image modification by only 5-7%.

True photos are better than the iPhone?


With the front camera, we figured it out. It is worth paying attention to the main one. By the way, exactly the same in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 received a record (after Huawei and  Apple ) score from  DxO .

After that, the company’s other flagships required a software update for this result. Among the first – Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.

Let’s see how the camera’s twin module now shoots:


In addition, the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 (Pro) , Mi Mix 2s  and  Mi Mix 3  received support for the Camera2 API : now on these smartphones you can install the Google Camera application officially without tambourines and root-rights .

With it, Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro starts to shoot a little worse Pixel 3 . The corresponding “night” mode and the ability to save images in bulk DNG (RAW-files) appears.


Video shooting was also not left without an update: Mi 8 Pro is already out of the box able to record videos in SuperSlow Motion mode at a speed of 960 frames / s with some restrictions on the duration.

Thirst is nothing, the most fashionable smartphone is everything! Open the box and do not be shy!


Mi 8 Pro – the most catchy Xiaomi : Black transparent case with red elements, elegant outlines of glass panels, a cover with a spectacular imitation of components.

It is such an uncharacteristic appearance for this brand that dramatically reduces the number of possible competitors, despite the fact that the base Mi 8 can still be put on a par with other Chinese devices.

Thanks to the top stuffing, excellent camera and successful design solutions, you can and should position among the highest echelon smartphones: Apple iPhone Xs , Google Pixel 3 , Samsung S9 .

And here Xiaomi feels itself on its territory, because no A-brand offers similar devices at a similar price, and the same Vivo NEX S and  OPPO Find X are  more expensive and less convenient.

The alternative is OnePlus 6T . Other “killer flagships” are not delivered. And besides, the Mi 8 Pro won as the title of the most stylish purchase of the year , which also became the most profitable flagship of 2018 .

The main advantages


1. Unusual back panel. Similar transparent solutions did not take root in the market, but the designers Xiaomi managed to create an interesting option, attractive look.

2. Accurate scanner under the screen. At one time, Touch ID changed smartphones, now the sensors hidden in the AMOLED panel do the same. Xiaomi once again waited for the technology to be worked out, eventually making the best sensor.

3. Cool main camera. Even without looking at the ratings, the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro cameras shoot very well. Photos can be compared to the iPhone or Galaxy S9  without pain. And its capabilities with the Google camera are truly endless.

4. Balanced filling. In the smartphone everything is fine and optimized. The work is stable, there are enough resources in any tasks.

I don’t want to go back to regular smartphones: the onscreen scanner + face unlock in Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is the only real alternative with  Apple Face ID .

Main disadvantages


1. Average autonomy. Although many competitors are losing Xiaomi in all relevant scenarios, I want a little more stock in the battery. However, it is still the scourge of all flagships.

2. Unpleasant treatment of individuals in a standard application. Shumodav Xiaomi is still a Chinese development, and behaves accordingly. It is better to turn off immediately.

3. Non-expandable memory, lack of a headphone jack and official moisture protection.However, today all such. Finding a real flagship with a mini-jack is unlikely. Especially for the price.

4. Price. In Russia, the cost of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is 8-10 thousand higher than that of the basic version. At least for now. But each has its own buyer. In a pinch, you can wait a bit: Mi 8 has already fallen in price, there will be a turn and “proshki”.

PS As you may have guessed, Xiaomi, as always, is not without Chinese BUT !.

It makes you think anyway. Are the scanner, 3D facial recognition and a transparent quarter-rate lid worth the  price ?


Basic Mi 8 – the flagship for the people . Top Mi 8 Pro – geeks, fans and stylegam , the pinnacle of Android’s technoevolution, which gives a new experience of communication with the gadget.

Well, it’s up to you to decide …

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