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In Russia, tested underwater drone from a water pipe

Recently, a group of scientists from SibSU. MF Reshetneva conducted the first tests of a prototype of an underwater robot designed for conducting hydrographic studies in the lower reaches of the Yenisei River and drawing up bathymetric maps. The creators call the mechanism “quadrocopter”, since it has four leading propellers, located, like the aircraft.

The device is made of water pipe, fully autonomous and remotely controlled, according to the website of the university. “The robot can be controlled in two ways: from a mobile phone or with a joystick from any computer or tablet with Wi-Fi, if special software is installed, ” the scientists explained.

The first prototype of an underwater robot can dive to a depth of one meter and hang over an object, rotate, and also float. It is planned to make several modifications, including for sampling of water and soil, as well as with a camera for underwater archaeological work.

The cost of the device does not exceed 150 thousand Russian rubles (about $ 2.2 thousand at the current exchange rate). Scientists have not found any analogues in the world.

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