How to make a ringtone for iPhone for free

GarageBand can add ringtones to your phone for free using any tracks in your iPhone’s memory!

I, as the new owner of the iPhone XS Max, bought ringtones on the App Store, but miraculously stumbled upon this method.

Voila! I have a lot of free ringtones.

What need to do


1 . Download and go into the program GarageBand , someone it is according to the standard.

2 . Select Create a new Live Loops , click on the plus sign on the left and add a Loop.

3 . Choose from three options on top of the Music tab.

4 . Go to the Songs, select the song you like and click on the box.

5 . Drag it up, putting in the first place, click done! 

6 . Click Record (red circle in the middle) and after 3 seconds we tap on the arrow at the very bottom of the screen, below the icon of your Loupe.

7 . Went record. We wait about 35-40 seconds and press stop.

8 . At the top left, click on the arrow and select My songs. 

So, the track is preserved. Seconds 10 you have to wait. Clamp it until the menu appears. Select Share. And here we select Ringtone -> continue -> The name of the ringtone is editable (I write the name of the song and the artist). Click Export, then OK. Exit the program.

Go to the Main -> Sounds -> Ringtone and choose our track!

All is ready!

So you can add to the call any of your songs ! Also via the Export menu, you can send a track by instant messengers, message, etc.

I saved it in wav -format, transferring it to VKontakte social network! You can also make the cover of the track and change the name.

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