Heroes of the militants then and now. How for 78 years has not changed Chuck Norris

Carlos Ray Norris – one of the few actors of the militants of the last century, who began his professional career at a very late age. He was 32 years old when he took the first prominent role as an opponent of Bruce Lee himself. Since then, Chuck has not changed much in appearance and in the principles of work in cinema.

Norris’s childhood was not sweet, his father regularly applied to the bottle, and the family lived on the verge of poverty. The teenager was a shy introvert, and the imprint of his parents divorced when he was 16 years old. Two years later, he decides to join the US Army and go to serve in South Korea. There, Carlos gets the nickname Chuck and begins to comprehend the wisdom of Tansudo – Korean martial art.

It was the martial arts that paved the way for cinema to Chuck. Returning “to the citizen”, he opens one school after another, where he himself teaches hand-to-hand fighting, and also wins titles at karate tournaments.

Among his students are quite well-known persons, actors, singers, TV presenters. After another victory, Bruce Lee turns on friendship with him, who called Chuck to play the coolest bad guy in the cult action movie “The Way of the Dragon” (1972). Smooth shaved fights in the Colosseum, Bruce Lee pulls him a piece of hair from his chest, and then kills him. Make-believe, of course.

Takeoff did not follow. Chuck played a minor role in the comedy “Female students” (1973).

And then he became a villain again – the largest drug lord of San Francisco, who holds the whole city in his hands, in the next Hong Kong film “Showdown in San Francisco” (1974). Here Chuck can already be seen with a lush mustache.

For a long time, Norris refused new roles in martial arts films. He wanted to play in something where there is a normal story, and the action appears only when it is needed. Such a role was found in the low-budget “Delinquent” (1977). He was shot for $ 250,000, and in theaters he collected $ 12 million. The actor himself was not proud of this role, although he admitted that it was his father’s favorite movie. For the role of trucker who is looking for his brother and in the process of bringing order to the provincial town, he received only $ 5000. But he was no longer a whipping boy by Asian stars.

Then Chuck flooded: every year one or two films were released with his participation. All these were action films, where the actor shone with his skills in hand-to-hand combat. Major John Bunker in the Black Tigers (1978), karate champion Matt Longan in The Power of Loners (1979), former karate champion and bodyguard Scott James in Octagon (1980). The first two films did not interest the studios, and therefore the film crew had to deal with distribution and communication with cinemas. Nevertheless, they were able to collect cash in the amount of $ 18-20 million.

Often, Chuck in his films avenges the death of a loved one “Eye for an Eye” (1981), “Forced Revenge” (1982) or rescues a hostage from the clutches of gangsters as in the movie “Lonely Wolf McQuade” (1983). In this film, Chuck had to play a bearded Texas ranger who was supposed to drink beer on camera. Chuck also wanted on the screen to be a positive role model for children, and therefore he did it with reluctance. It was the image of McQuide that later became the inspiration for the TV series “Cool Walker.”

In the same 1983, Chuck became the hero of the video game Chuck Norris Superkicks for the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64. The actor’s face graced the cover, and on the screen one set of pixels kicked an enemy set of pixels traveling around the map.

In general, the stage image of Chuck has not changed for decades, and most of his paintings did not have any particular artistic value and were taken for ridiculous money by Hollywood standards. Although it brought quite tangible profits.

For example, Missing People (1984) was shot for only $ 2.5 million, but they collected almost $ 23 million in cash and made Chuck a mainstream star. Colonel James Bradock, escaping from Vietnamese captivity, then returned to the screens twice more.

In Invasion of the USA (1985) and Delta Detachment (1986), Chuck Norris first defeats the Soviet terrorists in Florida, and then the Lebanese terrorists who captured Boeing 707.

In 1988, Chuck destroyed a serial killer in the movie “Hero and Terror”, in the 90s stopped cocaine shipments to the USA and rescued hostages in the militant group Delta 2 (1990), a year later he came out of a coma to take revenge on his former partner-cop in Agent (1991). The life of the actor was intense, the criminals were not asleep, and the cinematic conveyor did not stop for a minute.

In 1993, begins the long television epic “Steep Walker”, stretching until 2001. The show was a success with the audience and regularly hit the top 20 most popular TV shows of the season, and the image of the unbeatable Chuck Norris was finally completed with a cowboy hat.

In parallel, continued shooting in full meter. Chuck tried himself in the fight against the demonic forces in the terrible action movie “Spawn of Hell” (1993), starred in the financially disastrous film “The Main Dog” (1995). Since then, the actor has distanced himself slightly from the cinema, starred in a pair of television films, flashed on TV shows.

In 2005, the full-length television movie “Steep Walker: A Test of Fire” was released. By this time, the actor was already 65 years old, and he cherished the hope that Walker TV films would continue to be released almost every week. But because of the low ratings, the CBS management abandoned this idea.

At about the same time, “facts about Chuck Norris” began to spread on the Internet – a meme with ironic facts about an actor that claim his fantastic strength, attractiveness and courage. The memes gave Chuck a second youth, they began to call him on TV and for filming commercials, but he himself did not take offense at the Internet parodies, calling them funny. His beloved, he called this: “Once, the face of Chuck Norris tried to cut down on Mount Rushmore. But granite was not hard enough for his beard. ” And in the movie “The Expendables 2” (2012), he even quoted a “fact” about a cobra, who died in agony, biting him.

After “The Expendables 2”, Chuck walked away from the film career. He explained this to the grave condition of his wife. Since then, she has recovered, and the couple travels to different countries together. Recently, for example, Chuck visited the Prime Minister of Hungary. He looks fresh and not discouraged about his age.

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