Floyd Mayweather will pay $ 600 thousand for promotion crypto fraud

American boxer Floyd Mayweather and popular musician DJ Khaled will pay quite impressive fines for promoting projects related to cryptocurrency. In addition, both will return the money paid to them. Thus, Mayweather will lose $ 600 thousand, half of which are fines.

DJ Khaled was not so popular among crypto frauds, so the salary is lower and the penalty is not so big. It is reported that for the promotion of Centra Tech, he received only $ 50 thousand, the fine will be $ 100 thousand

The SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) deals with matters. They intend to continue their activities, and Mayweather and DJ Khaled became “pioneers” among the rest.

Recall , Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled promoted the Centra Tech service, which was going to develop products with support for Visa and MasterCard. The US Securities Commission became interested in the company and found out that there were no agreements with these payment systems. Later, the startup began to quickly collapse, celebrities began to delete references to Centra Tech from their accounts in social networks. Did not help.

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