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Chinese scientists for the first time in history have edited the human genome

Chinese geneticists stated that they were the first in history to make changes to the genetic code of human embryos. Reported by The Verge .
Photo: Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images


A research team from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou has managed to replace the DNA segment responsible for the development of a serious disease. Potentially, this kind of intervention can lead, over time, to cure many genetic diseases and even give mankind the opportunity to correct the external and intellectual defects of a child before birth.

According to scientists, zygotes that could not develop into a viable fetus were used for work. At the same time, of the 86 zygotes in the process, only 71 survived, and of the survivors, only four managed to replace the “problem” region of DNA. As a result, scientists have recognized the technology used is too “raw.”

The work has caused controversy about the ethical side of the issue, since the change of the human genome in many countries of the world is banned, and research is conducted mainly outside Europe and the United States.

According to the publication of the science , the largest scientific journals Nature and Science refused to publish the results of a study of Chinese scientists. As a result, it came out on the pages of Protein & Cell, and Nature released a quick review and pointed to a renewed ethical debate.

In the winter of 2014, Chinese researchers published data on the editing of the monkey’s genome, which was also able to be changed at the zygote level. The effectiveness of the procedure was much higher and forced the experts to talk about a breakthrough in genetics.

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