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Bruce Lee confirmed the development of an alternative to Android in Huawei

Earlier, rumors about the development by Huawei of an independent alternative to the Android operating system appeared on the network. The information was confirmed the day before by the vice-president of the company Bruce Lee, answering the questions of the blogger. According to the top manager, the development of a new OS is already underway, but this is the official reaction and is limited: Bruce Lee did not announce any details.

The development of a new mobile operating system looks like an ambitious enough event even for a company with such resources as Huawei.

Now the Chinese corporation is forced to fight not only for market and consumer share, but also to solve problems that have arisen in the United States and its allied countries – they are recommended to stop using Huawei equipment.

As far as the words of Bruce Lee correspond to reality, it is difficult to say, since the company did not have a full-fledged statement.

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